Monday, November 06, 2006

The Good News from Saturday's Breeder Cup

Well, at least for me that is. I dont know how you bet.

My first winner actually came in the first race, with Dreaming of Anna. I honestly loved this horse. I loved the way she looked, I loved the fact that she had gone out as a 2 year old and beaten some stallions. And I loved the story, she is named after the Breeder's sister, who died of Cancer almost 10 years ago. I just wish that it wasnt the first race, I would have bet more and won more.

In the next few races, we broke even. Honestly, it was not very hard to pick Ouija Board in her race, she is a living legend. I wont even count that as a right pick. Our next hit though was Miesque's Approval. I honestly can not tell you why I picked him, he did not have any of the markers that I usually look at when I have no idea. But, Miesque's Approval ran away with his race Saturday and came in at very good odds!

The next winner we hit on was Round Pond. Really a no brainer for me, and I should have put more money down on her. She had always finished in the money. She is trained by the trainer of Barbaro, and was trained by John Servis of Smarty Jones fame, so those were very strong Delaware Valley connections, as well as the fact that her last big win was at Monmouth Park, which was my home track. In the end, her victory was subdued (see the Pine Island story below) but I was still happy for Matz and Prado and the horse of course.

My last winner was Red Rocks, though I am not going to take alot of credit with him. I had to find something to bet against English Channel and Cacique, since there odds were very very low. I loved his name because of Sedona, Arizona Chris Fowler had mentioned him on a website that I read before the race and his Father was named Galileo, a very very important song to me in my college years. Sometimes, winning is just luck. I like this kind of luck though.

We also won some money on Invasor, but that was just a cover bet, since we lost almost all of that money on exacta bets on Bernadini, who deep down I really really really wanted to win. But, as usual it seems in horse racing, here at least in America, the chips down fall in the "Superhorses" favor.

At the end of the day, I totally broke even, I think I had $20 more then when the races started at noon, but in the 4 months between the Kentucky Derby and the Breeders Cup, the last big betting day, we tripled our opening amount, so I would say that was a pretty good track record! Try to get that from a savings account.


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