Friday, November 24, 2006

Random Stuffing

Get it stuffing?? Hah, I crack me up...

Why do they put MSG in chinese food, all it does is make you thirsty, it doesnt even make a difference in the taste?

Why does the University of Oregon football team still have the same problems on Defense they had 8 years ago, they still cant stop the pass?

Why have they canceled Charmed? Is it because I have finally discovered it?

Why does it seem like the only channels we watch in this house, besides the Big 4, are ESPN and HGTV?

Why aint we hit Powerball yet?

Why does Kittie insist on sleeping on Mrs Ducks lap, whats wrong with mine?

Why is Jeff Garcia starting?

Why did it take them so long to create Baileys Irish Cream with a hint of carmel? And why did it take so long for me to buy it, yummy?


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