Friday, November 10, 2006

R.U. Remarkable

I dont know if you can really comprehend how surprising yesterday's game was. Its Rutgers, if your from Jersey, your used to them making a minor run someplace, and then falling flat. This time though they bore down and came back. Ray Rice should go to NY as a Heisman trophy finalist at least. It was a remarkable game, though Im sure the SEC and the other big conferences will be crowing now that they were right, Louisville wasnt that good to begin with. Think of it this way, in almost every state, there has to be some team college or high school that you or your significant other pays attention too. Now, after asking him or her or thinking on that team yourself, imagine that in one magical year they won the State Championship. Thats close.

If your a Rutgers Alumni, bask in this, because there is now way I would have thought there would be a light like this on the official University of NJ.


Baby Girl said...

Can you believe this? It was fate, pure fate that one of the Louisville players was offside. I'll be wearing my RU sweatshirt this weekend.

Anonymous said...

Sparky, You are making RU look bad. Try to spend the time it takes to write "you're" if you mean the contraction "you are," instead of the possessive "your." Sorry if I misunderstood and you did it intentionally. Anyway, I agree with the content. Go RU!

Sparky Duck said...

Yes, it was on purpose, especially since im a grad of Delaware.