Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Act like you've been there before.

I was raised in the idea that you dont gloat over your beaten opponent. Yes, some exuberance is fine, but there is no reason to spike the ball on the losers head, plant a flag at midfield, or do some sort of Deion Sanders chicken dance.

But, I cant help but have a few quick tidbits about last nights election that do make me a wee bit happy and need a little crowing.

First, my vote did count, since the difference in the Pennsylvania 8 was about 1500 votes or so. Think about that 1500 votes, probably the amount of people that walk through a Target on a Saturday. And Mrs Duck and I voted for the winner, so we meant something.

Some of you might remember a T13 I did last week, about all the races that I was interested in, and things went surprisingly well on that little list actually. McCaskill, Casey, P.Murphy, Menendez, and even Webb (fingers crossed still) came through. Heath Shuler realized that name recognition really can help. And the Phoenix area is getting a little more blue, just a few years later then I thought it would, take that Hayworth, you crazy blowhard. Or as Imus said this morning "Sports at 6 and 11"

Now, it is possible that as a country we wont be run roughshod over. That if you disagree with the party in control of the White House, you may not be declared the enemy. Or, this is just a flash in the pan, that could fade away in the next two year, but for now, for me at least, I am going to soak up all that heat.

Gotta love being in Philadelphia, especially when your blood is blue.


Anonymous said...

I thought about your list last week on Tuesday.... I was surprised to find that the Senate/Reps on my ballot were from VA (I vote in DC) so I was a part of the other big one...and damn it, it was soo close but yet so far!