Friday, November 17, 2006

Random Friday, though it aint Fall Like

Back at it again, though it seems like I am kinda hit or miss with this list, maybe cause the same stuff comes up all the time. Well, heres the 10.

1.Lullabye (Rockabye)-Shawn Mullins-no clue on the album.

2.Rhythm Nation-Janet Jackson-Rhythm Nation 1814

3.Crazy Train-Auburn University Marching Band-Found it on Myspace somehow

4.Father Christmas
-Greg Lake-The Atlantic Years-I guess its too late to clean out the Christmas Music this year.

5.St.Theresa-Joan Osborne-Relish

6.Jesu, Joy of Mans Desiring-Karl Munchinger and the St Louis Orchestra-Essential Bach

7.867-5309-Blink 182-a Cover of Tommy Tutone

8.Theme from the Hunt for Red October-The Boston Pops-Red October Soundtrack

9.Everybody is Free to Wear Sunscreen-Baz Luhrmann-No idea on the album

10.A thousand Miles-Vanessa Carlton-Sessions @ Aol

Favorite Song-St. Theresa by Joan Osborne. It is one of those songs that just has this great beat underneath it, thats different then anything I have ever really heard before. And the words are open to so many meanings. Great Song.

Worst Song-Lullabye by Shawn Mullins. Its not that bad, but, I dont know if I was sick of it when it got overplayed on the radio or what, but I still find myself skipping it more then listening to it.

Seen in Concert-The Boston Pops. The play the Mann every year with there travel orchestra. We usually look to see what songs they are playing before deciding to go. Mrs Duck used to work with the 3rd violinist I think, and she has seen the Pops in holiday concerts in Boston in front of only like 200 people, now thats the way to see the Pops.

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shellibells said...

A thousand miles...this brings back bitter sweet memories for me. Great song.