Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Oil Painting Day 1

Have you ever thought you were going to get or do something, and then when you get there, you realize its nothing like what you thought? Kind of like the first time I got a Star Wars action figure spaceship. I ripped it open and say "hey it really doesnt fly!", heck the first one I got, it was too heavy to even make fake fly.

Well, thats kind of what my experience was on day one of yesterdays little foray into the political world. You think you are going into something that will make some sort of difference in the upcoming election, when really, Im not going to make a change from the people Ive been getting in touch with. Especially the way the country is right now, if your a Democrat, your going to know who your voting for, and even if you dont like your candidate, your so sick of the way things are going, that your going to go against the Republican no matter what (kinda like alot of peoples feelings on Casey, but I digress).

If I wasnt partnered with someone else, I would have been quite nervous, and not because of going up and knocking on peoples doors, but because I could easily get hit walking down this road without sidewalks and not be seen for weeks, or run into the Masked Maurader of Villanova and have him hack off one of my hands because I didnt say the magic words or something (ok it was Halloween, the imagination runs when your in the total middle of nowhere)

And I realized I might have been one of the few people in this little group that truly cared. Well, the boss, she cares, and the other people working with me seem to care, but deep down I also think that possibly if the Repubs paid $100 more, they would be doing the talking for him. I just feel like I have been sold a bill of goods that is not at all what it should have been.

I think I will go back today, partly because they need some documentation to be sure I get paid, but if I come home tonight as annoyed as I was last night, this is so not worth it. Especially when I think the candidate that were are working for would have absolutely no idea we were out there anyway.


Johnny Ong said...

when is the election?