Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Nervous as a Prostitute at Sunday Service

That would describe me right about now...

Some of you may know and others I am sure can guess based on the time that i can spend blogging, that I have not been exactly a full fledged member of the workforce lately. I have had odd jobs here and there, though nothing big and plenty of interviews, though none successful.

Well today, in about 2 hours actually, I start another one of those temp jobs. I will be canvassing for one of the democratic congressional candidates, though not the one listed on the side of my greeny blog. Now this should be right up my alley, I used to be a telemarketer and am intelligent enough to hold a coherent conversation on politics, plus the pay is pretty good.

But, Im sitting here sweating and stressing. I hate starting new things, what if I screw up, what if im not any good at it, what if I stammer and get too nervous. How will I react if someone yells at me, or even the darker scarier things of being in strange neighborhoods. Oh I could go on and on and on with all the crazy dark thoughts.

Mrs. Duck says im nuts! Here opinion is sort of broken down as follows...

A-your being silly, you will do great, love the job and have some keen money after election day is over.

b-it maybe tolerable, so you just work the hours expected (weekdays until Election Day) and take home some pretty easy money, but not work the extra hours. Its only like 5 days.

c- you may hate it, thats ok, you take your $100 and never go back again...

So, shes the positive one, and im sweaty sweaterstein! Heck, I dont even know what to wear?? Comfortable shoes, sneakers, khakis, jeans, dress shirt, neat like im going out to a bar, whatever i have in my closet??? See, told you I could go on.

Some votes of confidence, or even calling me a big baby would be helpful, especially since I cant reach Mrs Duck presently. God, sometimes being a Libra so sucks...


Anonymous said...

When faced with something like this, I make it a game. For example, whenever we are at my in-laws, my hubby has to kiss me every time my mother-in-law makes a negative comment to me. I actually look forward to her negative comments, now.

Try to think of a reward for yourself every time someone yells at you!! It really works!

Matthew said...

You have a vote of confidence from me!

Dude, you're starting something new. And, as you allude to in the post, if this isn't your first temp job, you've started new things a lot. That's to be commended. It's breaking out of your comfort zone, and that's a difficult thing for most people to do.

And what you're temping for sounds good, and you're doing it at an important time. Kudos, bro. :-)

Mrs. Duck sounds very understanding about your situation, and that is probably the most important thing.

You're doing well for yourself because you're out there trying. You're making an effort. Yes, you're scared (or nervous), but the thing you need to realize is that you're still going out there. It's one thing to be nervous about stuff, but it's important not to let it get you down to the point that you stop trying.

It sounds as though you're in no danger of that happening. Keep it up. :-)

Anonymous said...

I hear ya! I'm a Libra too, always second guessing myself. I'm sure you'll be great because you worry too much about not being great.It sucks for us but it's great for our employers.

Sparky Duck said...

Thank you everyone for the comments and the support. It was an interesting time, which I am going to have to blog about, but in the end, I definetly should not have been nervous.