Sunday, November 05, 2006

Reverse Sexism

Ok, just a warning, this one is BWI, so the spelling maybe off.

On Thursday, I went down to a Philadelphia neighborhood for an interview. It was for an administrative Assistant position, though I am sure they could not have really afforded my asking price. But, there was another person interviewing before me. SHE spent at least 45 minutes in with the boss. She was cute and italian, which would have worked well for this group. But the biggest problem for me was that she was young and cute. She would have looked good in a short skirt, while I would have not. I dont think I got much of an interview, because I could just see the boss picturing her in heels and a miniskirt. This is not the first time I have felt this wall, heck every once in a while, there are Craigslist postings that ask for a picture or a body description. What the hell?? Now, I have no problem really with sexism, since I benefited somewhat from it in my last job, but I am annoyed by it being that obvious.

And another thing, what is with this Blogger Chicks? Im a blogger and I am in touch with my feminine side. I think of myself as being kind of metrosexual, at least when it comes to sharing my feelings. Why am I excluded?? I may need to call Jesse Jackson.


Baby Girl said...

I see where you're coming from. Most men want a woman answering their phone and prancing around doing things for them. And of course the more attractive the better. It an excuse to have cute woman around and that's not going to lead to divorce. Plus I imagine that men brag about their AAs like toys "mine is cuter than yours".

Blogging Chicks? Whats that?

Miss Margo said...

Every so often the law firm I works for hires a man as an assistant. It has never once worked out for us.

The male attorneys seem to have issues treating their male assitants like assistants, and the male assistants never seem very comfortable or content working with all women.

I think it is an issue of what people are comfortable with.

Miss Margo said...
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