Monday, November 13, 2006

The Fog

This weekend, at least to me starts the holiday season in my book. My brother is an alumni of The Ohio State University (apparently the The is important) and there biggest game is this weekend, one that we always would watch together in some way shape or form. It is always held the weekend just before Thanksgiving, and its always been the last day I could really relax before starting prepping for the turkey. Then there is the slight lull into December, where the first few weekends are what am I going to get for A and B as opposed to Have a Holly Jolly Christmas. But, I must admit, I have always loved the rush of the holiday season. This is easily my favorite time of the year, or at least one of them.

This year, im not that excited about it at all. I mean, the game itself, sure, but the lead and build up to the holiday, its just making me more nervous as opposed to giddy with anticipation. I know its because of the job, or lack thereof. Last year, we had the money from the sale of my condo, so it was a nice cushion. This year its gone. Whats not been helping at all has been the interviews I have been on. Its not the jobs themselves, they are things that I know that I would be good at or at least qualified to do. Its the hoops that the interviewers/employment agencies make you go through to get to these jobs. I have worked for 10 years in one spot, run a multi million dollar office, I can do almost anything, quit making me feel like I am an ex-felon who is out on there first interview since getting sprung from the joint.

I feel like im kind of in the dark. Not necessarily depressed, at least clinically. I do know I am down though. I know the weather is not helping, its been grey and rainy for two freaking days already. But I am running out of time, I need to find some way to get peppy again, so I can try and go through the hampster wheel that is selling myself to prospective employers.

Thats it, I figure I get it out, it might help. Know of any employment agencies/headhunters on the East Coast, send me the names. Any ideas im missing, jot em down. Ok, that was just kinda pandering wasn't it. Oh wooooee is me. -rolls eyes-


Lady Jane Scarlett said...

Go Blue!

Momish said...

Oh, so sorry to hear you are blue. The weather here has been horrid, so hopefully it will get nice again. Keep trucking, something will turn up. I will keep my eyes out. (Shoot me an email with what you are looking for in the area if you want.) I love the holidays too, but then again, I also feel they are taxing. So, I hear ya!

NAncy said...

I wish Christmas would just go away. The hype and advertising starts way to early for me!

So sorry to hear you are in a funk. What kind of work do you do?