Thursday, November 09, 2006

Biggest Game ever on the Raritan River

I am a transplant from New Jersey, Central Jersey to be exact, which we call the real New Jersey, but this is not a post about whats New Jersey and whats not. Growing up about 20 minutes from New Brunswick, though it was closer to an hour because Route 18 is just as bad as Roosevelt Blvd, I always at least paid attention to Rutgers. You could never call yourself a Rutgers fan, because they were terrible, always!

But tonight, this game is Gigantic! A Monster game! The fact that Rutgers and Louisville are undefeated at 8-0 and both nationally ranked is something that I would have never thought I would have seen, I mean c'mon, its Rutgers!! But they have Ray Rice and some very fast receivers. They have a decent defense, and they will be playing in front of the home crowd in New Brunswick. And I can bet, the fans are crazy, they have been thirsting for this. Plus, there is the whipping that Louisville gave them last year 56-5, which should be some incentive.

So, if your bored tonight, do what I am going to do, tune in at 7:45 pm on ESPN and give Rutgers some love. No I didnt graduate from there, but its NJ and we always always stick with our own.


Annie said...

Congrats on the win!