Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Well This is Eerie

Well, eerie on a whole bunch of levels. As I came in to watch the news tonight, I absently rewound back to the start, to see them discussing an alleged terror plot on South Jersey and the Philadelphia outskirts. And then, my one email is from Maven, who must have been watching the 5:00 news instead of the 6.

Its not necessarily scary, or shocking in any sense that a part of Philadelphia would be in the sights of terrorists. Not only because of the many many historical artifacts in the city itself, but also because of the many bases sprinkled across South Jersey. If you don't know that Fort Monmouth, The Naval Earle in Colts Neck, Fort Dix, Dover Air Force Base and the Lakehurst Naval Air Station are possible targets, you probably don't live around here. And attacking the Army Navy game, or at least during is not a shock in the least either. Plus, Philadelphia itself is split by 95, with many ways to break off into different directions. Of course, the traffic on 95 would actually work in the governments favor as opposed to terrorists, but thats not here or there.

Oh, this is also eerie because Mrs Duck and I are watchers of Jericho, a show about home based terrorism. We were just discussing last night (we were still behind on the TiVo) how Philadelphia is a nice target for symbolism, though not a target like NYC would be as a financial hub. Anyone know a good attorney because after that discussion and this post, the FBI should be on my butt in the next 36 hours.


Jay said...

Where you're going, not even a lawyer will do you any good :)

It was nice knowing you.