Tuesday, May 08, 2007

The AI Virus

I finally broke down. Correctly, we finally broke down and watched American Idol. Though we did watch last weeks results show, though that was more for Bon Jovi as opposed to seeing who was going to get kicked off. I will say, if this is all we have left as the finalists for American Idol, Whitney Houston, we have a problem.

Melinda is still good, but at least tonight was not mind blowing. You can just tell the judges want to draw out some pop from her and I am not sure she can do it.
Jordin is the one who has the most upside potentially. Her first performance was good, her second not so much. She should be one of the final two.
LaKisha? She has talent, but I just don't think she can carry it off. And I am not sure she could get through an entire concert performance without collapsing.
Blake. Oy Blake.

Yet, the TiVo is set for tomorrow nights results show, because I want to see if I am right. Though the only way to watch Idol is to TiVo it, you skip so much of the awful filler.


Peg said...

I have yet to break down, myself. For whatever reason, AI has yet to draw me in.

BTW...so far so good--a few hours in, and the FBI hasn't found you yet!


Anthony said...

Me neither, Peg. To me, it's all "awful filler".

There was an article in the Inquirer yesterday that said that the show has gone from being a talent contest to a variety show, leaning more heavily on guest stars than the contestants.

Methinks they are trying to keep from jumping the Shark, so they are making an attempt to keep viewers tuned in.

They could put Paula Creamer and Jan Smithers on together and I still might not watch it.

Well ... probably.

Emily said...

I have to say, even thought I don't want to, that I think blake is goin home!

Sarge Charlie said...

I was pleased that we agreed on something.....

Christine said...

This AI hasn't been as good as the others.
As much as I like Blake, his performance last night, I thought he overdid the beat box thing.
If the women's vote gets split, LaKeisha could go home.
I hope Jordin wins, I think she's got awesome potential.

Twyla said...

Get rid of all of them and bring back Constantine. :-)

Slackermommy said...

I'd like to see Jordin and Blake in the final two. They have the most star power in my opinion.

Michael - Lover of Amy said...

I like Twyla's suggestion (because I too am Greek and he was in RENT). Jan Smithers...mmmmmmmm, was yummy back in the day. Filler. Pink could at least have done her thrashing upbeat single (U and Ur Hand). Jessica Alba, yummy.

Anyone watch 5th Grader and notice they trained Foxworthy with Seacrest at the "we'll get to that, right after this..." school of hosting?