Thursday, May 24, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #36-The Longwood One

Thirteen Pictures from Longwood Gardens

Ok, get your minds out of the gutter. Last summer, Mrs Duck and I went on a weekend road trip down to Delaware and the key part of the trip was Longwood Gardens, which is technically in Pennsylvania. Please enjoy Thirteen pictures from that trip, though for the life of me I can not tell you the names of any of these flowers, beyond the banzai plant.

1.TT 5/24 1
These were all over the place. I think they were called lollipops?

2.TT 5/24 2

3.TT 5/24 3
I need to do some doctoring to this one

4.TT 5/24 4

5.TT 5/24 5
See, I told you, Banzai!!

6.TT 5/24 6

7.TT 5/24 7
Plumeria I think

8.TT 5/24 8
Thank the Goddess that these are bananas

9.TT 5/24 9

10.TT 5/24 10

11.TT 5/24 11

12.TT 5/24 12
Yep, still Kennett Square, Pa 5/24 13

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Nancy said...

I just love taking pictures of flowers.

I think 6 and seven are my favorites.

Lori said...

The pic's didnt come thru on my end:(

Tilly Greene said...

They're so exotic, well, except for 8 - that one just look wrong. The lollipops are happy the bees love them.

Gina said...

Lovely,lovely flowers ! I love the radiant yellow color of #7. I guess it is a hibiscus flower. They come in a variety of colors!

Lady Jane Scarlett said...

I was just going to comment that #7 is hibiscus. The photos are lovely! :)

Chelle said...

Those are beautiful flowers. I could not grow them even if I try, or even name the different ones! :)

Christine said...

You have some excellent pictures here, Sparky. I love going to gardens like that and wander around. I usually have to take my mom with me because she's the only one who really wants to check out the plant too!

Darla said...

Oooh, gorgeous! Don't feel bad--I can never remember the names of plants, either.

Stephanie said...

Pretty Pictures!!

JAM said...

Love the banzai and whatever the heck #6 is. I think #7 is hibiscus too.

Nice shots!

Christine said...

I'm so glad I stopped by. Garden shots are my favorite.
Love the orchids and the water lillies.

They're all lovely.
Have a great weekend.

Rhonda Stapleton said...

BEAUTIFUL! I love floral pictures...and the garden one is simply LOVELY!!

BTW, thanks for popping by my TT!!

Alasandra said...

Thanks for visting my TT.

The large yellow flower is a hibiscus. If my plumeria every blooms I'll take a picture of it and post it on my blog. I have had it for 3 years so I have my doubts about wheather it will ever see fit to bloom.

Lovely pictues. I love flowers.

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Fabulous pictures, Sparky! Really gorgeous.

Our conservatory over here on THIS side of the state has a new show. The kids actually asked if we could do; I was surprised.

Happy TT!

Toni said...

Wow! Great pictures!
Special K Family
Being An Air Force Wife

Anthony said...

Nice pics.
I love Longwood Gardens. It's closer than I realize, and I should go more often.

Julie Pippert said...

Not to be nitpicky? But in the native environment? #7 is hibiscus. Plumeria lacks the...err...plunger.



Rhian / Crowwoman said...

great shots Sparks. the bananas made me do a doubletake. grin!

Barbara said...

Very nice pictures. I love the bananas!

Mo said...

oh, I like the pic of the waterlilies; and the cactus & the waterfall are just beautiful! In fact, they're all wonderful!!

Thanks for sharing those.

mama kelly - 2 witches blog said...

#6 is just beautiful!!!

It wouldn't look out of place in a fantasy movie or an episode of star-trek, it is just so surreal!!

Mama Kelly

Laughing Muse said...

#11 is my favorite photo.

Here's hoping you have a wonderful, restful, relaxing, fun Memorial Day weekend!!