Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Blog Rocking Beats

As for the interview, it went well. I kind of knew it would though, not to puff out my feathers or anything. It was for a job I am supremely qualified for within a financial institution. That can always be a problem, since they do not always like to hire the over qualified ones for fear that they will leave. So, we shall see, though it is a financial institution, and they are notoriously slow in their hiring practice.

Its also interesting how when you talk to people who work in banks, they all know how hard it is or how it has changed. The bankers of 10 to 20 years ago are dinosaurs now and if they have not moved up, they are probably on their way out. Take a look at your local branch sometime, and look at how many older workers there are, that aren't in management at least. Its because they are worked liked dogs, for minimal pay. Banking has become a job for the young, who can move on to something else once they realize how undervalued they are.

On the health front, I am feeling much better. I was feeling better yesterday, though thoroughly wiped out. Its amazing how much energy is sapped when you throw everything up but your intestines. However, I am still not ready for tomatoes. More good news, Mrs Duck does not have a broken jaw, which means no trying to figure out how to make Thai food into a milk shake. And before you go jumping to conclusions, I didn't do it!

Want more Sparky Duck? Well, I am one of the many fine contributors now over at International ______ Day. Check it out if you are so inclined, they even have writers that are more clever then me.

A little pirate, who has gone sort of kookily anime, whispered to me that the new White Stripes single is out. Time to fire up the Itunes.


amy said...

Hope you and Mrs Duck are feeling well..Glad the interview went well

Twyla said...

Which song?

Tilly Greene said...

Wow, you two ducks are the walking wounded! Give youself a break and stay close to the nest for a few days.

Sometimes the qualified aren't hired because the person doing the hiring doesn't want to look bad. Sometimes it's a no win situation but my fingers are crossed for you and your dodgy intestines.

Wylie Kinson said...

Are White Stripes seriously still around? I had no idea...

I've been stuck listening to Toddler Tunes for the past few years (like 7) and only recently turned my radio station back on. My new fave is Fall Out Boy. Feel free to tell me if I'm a nerd.

Tug said...

Hope you both keep healing...and I'll keep everything crossed on the job thing!!

Annie said...

Good luck to you on your interview (and glad you're feeling just ducky again!). Branch banking has become the new McDonalds; it used to be you got a job slinging burgers as a senior in hs or in your college years. Since those jobs tend to be filled by immigrants nowadays, those high schoolers are turning to banks (one in particular, whom I left for my current hell, is almost agist and will only hire unreliable young 'uns). The industry has changed, and not for the good. Every year gets worse than the one before.

And what's this about the Missus' jaw?? Whadja do??? Tell her Annie says feel better :)

Anthony said...

That's true about the bankers. I'm next door to a Commerce branch, and the tellers are all "kids" and most of the desk jockeys aren't much older.
I guessed that the pay wasn't that great, and the kids use the experience as a resume-builder for a future doing something else that is much more profitable.

How ironic that some banks have begun charging customers to use tellers. Pay them like crap and then charge your customers. Great business.

I once heard a stock analyst say he was wild about bank stocks. The moderator asked, "Why?"
His answer: What other business do you know that can charge 18% on borrowed money and pay out 3% on savings? How can you not love that as a business?

Momish said...

Glad it went well. Keep us posted! Sorry to hear about Mrs. Duck's jaw! That must be awful.

Christie said...

oh glad you're feeling better! you're not pregnant, are you? just kidding. hope mrs. duck feels better! and hope you're interview went well!! i watch football but i'm not a nut like my husband but even i was glued to the tv watching the brady thing! funny.

Christine said...

Glad to hear you are feeling just "Ducky", and the interview went well.
Now it's Mrs. Duck's turn, I hope she's feeling better soon.
I know how aging in the work force is, in restaurants the older more experienced food servers know how to Work Smarter,not Harder! I even had one manager tell me food servers were a dime a dozen, really put my job in prespective.
Good Luck to you!

Peg said...

I knew there was a reason I liked you---I'm a former Financial Institution, myself. Having Girlie got me out of there or I'm sure I'd still be in banking!

Glad you're feeling better and that the missus doesn't have a broken jaw.

Peg said...

Oh, and cheers to you on the new blogging gig!!