Wednesday, May 02, 2007

In Philly, We take our Football Seriously

So the draft came and went this past weekend. Nothing really shocking, unless you are a Brady Quinn/Notre Dame fan. The fall of Quinn was one of those train wrecks that had me at least glued to the TV until he got picked.
Oh yea, and the Eagles drafted a new QB in the second round. Ho Hum, no big deal. Have to plan for the future you know. Donovan McNabb is not going to be around forever. We all get old. What? Their was controversy? The coach called his #1 QB before and then after he made the draft pick to tell him not to worry? No one knows who Kevin Kolb is you say? (Well I knew, but I am a college football junkie). Now their is an uproar about Donovan's help, when the time for a change will come, what becomes of Kelly Holcomb, yada yada yada.
So, you would figure, someone in the McNabb family would want to quench the fire, not let it go into a fully engaged inferno? Right, good politics. Except the McNabb family is more of the slash and burn variety. Dear old dad went to the papers this last week and told the Philadelphia fans that his son is just an employee of the Eagles, nothing more and that Eagles fan don't appreciate what they have? Way to make sure the fans stay behind you. Why don't you just insult their mothers while you are at it. So, McNabb, as always won't be a leader and he is just biding his time. Sam, do me a favor and just keep counting that Chunky Soup money your wife gets, would ya?

And then, their is Alycia Lane of KYW3, our local CBS affiliate. Now, this is just comedy really, and comedy that some of you female readers of mine might actually find interesting. Big Hub Bub around town because Alycia got caught sending a multitude of emails to one Rich Eisen of the NFL Network. In the course of these emails, she happened to include pictures of her in a bikini (or for you google searchers out there, Alycia Lane bikini).
Of course, here is the rub, said emails, including the picture one, were intercepted by Mr. Eisen's wife. UHOH, not a good thing. Lets just say she was not happy and I can almost guarantee we all know the person that leaked this story and some of these pictures to Page 6. Cupie doll for the right answer.
So, the NFL still lives and breathes in Philadelphia, even though minicamps don't start until sometime in May. Though we do help ourselves in the news just a bit. Now here is the question, if you have not skimmed over the entire post, if your significant other got pictures in email from a single good looking gal, would you let him explain or just knife him/her on the spot?


Desert Songbird said...

Wasn't home to watch Round 1 of Draft Day (oh the horror!), but as a ND/Brady Quinn fan, I must say it's not a loss but a gain for Browns fan (which my husband is, BTW). I can imagine Brady's bewilderment as his "stock" plummeted, but since he ends up with beloved Browns, it's a win/win situation (at least we hope). Let's hope Brady's NFL career doesn't take the same road another illustrious ND QB's did (coughRickMirercough).

Anthony Gonzalez to the COLTS - are you kidding me?!! Woohoo!!!!!

The NFL season never ends, thanks to the NFL Network. Bring on the minicamps!

Twyla said...

Knife him on the spot. :-P

Tilly Greene said...

No knives, don't want to clean up the mess...dang, I'm not in to violence either. I don't know what I'd do...maybe take a trip around the world.

amy said...

the baseall game rocked! Hoping to surprise Michael with a trip to Philly soon!

there is an 11 year old playing the game..She emails me daily!!!

Annie said...

No matter how hard I try, I still can't get football, which is probably why I got into wrestling instead (I'm sorry; "sport's entertainment").

As for your question, well, knifing on the spot is too, well, common. I say, drop a little something into his/her tea every day, you know, something more, erm, subtle. *heehee*