Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Cherry on the Sunday

As we mentioned earlier in this lovely holiday weekend, our A/C was on the fritz and the house is filled with fans. Not that awful, but not that great either, since as they always say, its more the humidity then the heat.

Sunday though, the moons seemed to be cursing Chez Duck. A storm blew through, a whopper of a storm and just after I finished cooking up dinner, a nice bolt of lightening decided to explode a transformer. So, lights out! Lights and fans out actually.

After finishing up our bratwurst by candlelight, and a few rousing games of 20 questions, which Mrs Duck is better at then I am actually, we just looked at each other and said we should just go to bed. It was possible that if we had sex, knowing our luck, someone would get an eye poked out.

The temperature broke this morning, and it is very very comfortable now. We did try and keep an eye out for the locust and frogs from the sky on Monday.

I do hope everyones weekend, holiday included or not, was a good one.


Anthony said...

Poke an eye out? What are you ducks up to?

I was reading the post about the apartment troubles while the storm was raging.
When my AC goes out, the temp gets to around 88 in my place. Upstairs condos are tough in the summer, even with AC.

Lady Jane Scarlett said...

I guess one of the good things of a 1st floor apartment is that it stays relatively cool in the summer. I feel so bad for y'all.

Tilly Greene said...

For the time being I'd say the bull's eye is now off the Duck abode...but next time throw caution to the wind and risk loss of limb for a dance :-).

Twyla said...

Yeah, I'm also wondering how you'd poke and eye out. LOL

tiff said...

I KNOW how you'd poke an eye out.....and still don't want to think about it.

Desert Songbird said...

Poke an eye out...sooooooo not going there...[[giggling]]

Tug said...

So you didn't have sex if you were "keeping an eye out for the locust and frogs from the sky on Monday"...heh.

The good point? If the transformer blew, you'd have been more miserable because you'd have been used to cool. Right? Right?? ;-)

Michael - Lover of Amy said...

1. Don't worry about the transformer, there's a whole movie about those things coming in July.

2. Funny thing about the poking the eye out. Last night after trivia ended we wound up playing a modified version of the Newlywed Game witrh the couple we play trivia with and the popular question was "Where's the most unusual place you've made whoopie?"