Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Skewed Revelation

Now, this could be the heat talking, or the lack of power causing my mind to wander too much. It could even be too much bourbon, but thats not here or there now is it?

Anyway, the revelation I discuss is politically naturally. When you can't think of anything, your mind does wander to the world of politics. Thats about the only time your mind should wander that way.

Last week, the signing of the funding bill was a much ballyhooed occurence. By the way, one thing that was not glorified in the game of chicken between the President and the Senate was the fact that the minimum wage was raised to over $7. I am sure some of the small business lobbys were just thrilled beyond believe that this snuck under the radar. But, I was sitting here wondering what the hurry was? Why did the bill have to get through before the Memorial Day break? I thought it was common knowledge that any money for the troops was laid out and set aside until at least the end of June. Oh, wait, it dawned on me on Monday.

Their were plenty of stories and specials about those most recent soldiers who need to no be honored on Memorial Day. So, it was really about calculation. the President did not want to have the idea of whether their should be a plan to get those troops out of Iraq hanging over him like an albatross, especially on the one weekend alot of people are focused on the sacrifices the soldiers had made. Gotta be sure you need to keep the Sunday news programs talking about what if as opposed to what can be.


Anthony said...

First, is there really "too much bourbon"?

Second, a lot of these political decisions are made over schedules set up by some sort of media influence. They also use distraction and misdirection to get things passed (and past) us, especially pay raises for themselves.

Jay said...


Not a very fitting memorial, is it?

InterstellarLass said...

It's just all too damn convenient. And bin Laden wanted to have a base in Iraq. What a maroon.

The Gal Herself said...

The important thing is to fund the troops in Iraq. Not to take care of them when they come home, and if they happen to be able to earn a living wage after their service is up, well that's a bonus. This Administration doesn't even make me mad anymore. The way the Bush campaign slagged a genuine war hero while their guy read magazines in Alabama simply exhausted me. Now all this stuff does is make me sad. Please pass the bourbon.