Wednesday, May 30, 2007

You can get Blog fodder from anyplace

Really, its true. You can get ideas from newspapers articles, something stupid that you hear on the radio, and of course, the natural place to get blog junk, YouTube.

Today, I am pulling my information from the one soap opera that I watch all the time, One Life to Live. Yes, I do watch a soap opera, and I swear this is the only one I watch faithfully. Its best on TiVo because you can bypass the stuff you don't care anything about. But, here is my question. If you could save your ex (husband/wife) by giving them a piece of your liver or kidney, would you? And lets take the idea that it is the father/mother of your children. Just look at it as you and him, would you do it if you could?

I, myself, think I probably would, just because I spent alot of my younger life with my ex. Since their is some part of a history their and I still would not want anything terrible to happen to her, I would probably do it. Now, explaining it to Mrs Duck would be a whole other egg to crack.


kailani said...

I'm not sure I'd be too thrilled with my husband giving a liver (or anything else) to his ex - even though I've never even met her. However, I wouldn't want to feel responsible for someone dying because of a decision I made.

As for me, I would definitely give an organ to save my husband. I would give my life to save my children.

An Island Life

pissed off patricia said...

I had no children with my ex, so hell no I wouldn't give him a thing. Let him run to his mother for what he wants just as he's done all his life.

What, me angry? :)

Tilly Greene said...

Sparky, if you mention this idea to Mrs Duck she'll roast you - and I'll bring the marshmallows! No, no, no, not a good idea >-{

Phrew, sorry for the outburst, dealing with a niece issue and this auntie is all flustered!

Twyla said...

Okay, that's an easy one for me. A big fat NO.

EC said...

Totally love OLTL -

Now in Antonio's case, I would think he is a stand up guy and will eventually save Jessica's life. Nash giving her up is so never going to happen!

If it were me, I would still do it, because if I love someone, no matter how much they screwed me over, I would still care enough about them to give them a piece of my liver.