Monday, May 14, 2007

The OCMD Experience, Part 2

If you are curious about Part One, just click here.

Some people have asked why more then one part. Well, I have found that when I get a bit too wordy, people lose interest and just skim. Why have that? Plus, it was a nice enough time to go in a few parts.

So Saturday was the only day that the two of us could manage to get enough sleep. We ventured off to breakfast, where the foursome (Mrs Duck, The Senator, Red and your feathered friend) had some of the biggest omelets I may have ever seen. And they were tasty too. Good times, though maybe not on the cholesterol front. Then, it was seeing some of the sights, searching for a hat for Mrs Duck, since she left her sunglasses, prescription no less, at home. I was stunned I did not get blamed for that. Though, we never did see the boardwalk, we did see the beach, again Brrrrr cold!!

After a near alarm malfunction, thankfully fire girl woke us up, we shuffled the whole crew off to the wedding. The ceremony itself was beautiful, right on Assawoman Bay. It would have been nicer if the sun came out, but everyone was just thankful it did not rain. The future Mrs Terrapin was very nervous, you could see it from how her hands were shaking, but her honey seemed calm and cool and did a good job of keeping her calm. Plus, the officiant was just like Judge Judy in voice and demeanor, which added a nice dose of levity.

The reception was nice as well, with plenty of food and heavy heavy pours on the drinks. The food was unremarkable, but also edible. Nothing really stuck out in my mind, besides the roast beef which was near perfect. Their was a moment when we were seated at our table, the group of 10 and we all sort of had this thought, this was the last wedding. It made us feel old, as well as pushed us to make sure we kicked the evening up another notch.

The Bride was beautiful, the toasts made me verklempt, the DJ was good, though you should never end a wedding on Last Dance by Donna Summer, because it is just too fast a song. Their was an odd moment when I got my butt slapped, and not by Mrs Duck. I have a nice ass, I know, but sheesh, its not a piece of beef that needs to be tested out for tenderness. Mrs Duck was none to pleased, and in her drunken state later on, she mentioned something to the Slapper. Luckily, no one came to blows, though I know the Philly crew would have had her back.

Only one of us threw up at the end of the night, though I think we were both drunk when we woke up for the breakfast buffet. That by the way, was a mistake, all breakfast buffets should be avoided when its Mothers Day.

Congratulations to the new Mr & Mrs Terrapin. They both provided everyone with a special weekend to enjoy their happiness. I will post some pictures in the coming few days, once I give them all a little touch up.

So, would you have gone after the Slapper?


Annie said...

Um, well, was the Slapper male or female? On purpose or accidental? I'd probably accidentally/on purpose spill my drink on the Slapper. Especially if it were red wine and they happend to be dressed in white.

Glad you and the Mrs had a good time otherwise. Hey, now that you're all married, the kiddie time line begins....

ChupieandJ'smama said...

If I were drunk, He!! Yea. If I was sober, probably in a non physical manner. Glad you all had a nice time though (minus the slapping incident).

Tug said...

You don't go after slappers at parties (weddings included) as long as they don't take it any further. It's fun, it's the mood, etc. And you went 'home' with Mrs. Duck, right? Mrs. Duck got the last laugh - and Sparky for life. She wins.

Anthony said...

I would have gone after the Slapper, but only if she was single! ;-)

kailani said...

Well, I would need more details first. Was it a joking slap or a serious slap? Was it from a good friend or a stranger? What was you interaction with the slapper before the "slap"?

DETAILS! I need more details! LOL!

Christine said...

I'm a sucker for To Be Continued. I love stories when they are in parts, keeps me coming back for more.
Glad you and Mrs. Duck had a really nice time.
What did you do to get 'slapped'?
Shakin' your tail feathers!!
I'd say I'd go after the slapper, but I probably wouldn't have. Like Tug said Mrs. Duck won, she's got you! All's well that ends well, but me and Kailani still want more DETAILS!!LOL!

pissed off patricia said...

I wouldn't have caused a riot or anything but I would have caught the slapper's eye and given her a look that she would understand.

I haven't been to a wedding in a long time and you know what, I don't miss it a bit. The worst music in the world seems to always be played and the worst dancers are there too.

Deborah said...

YES! Especially if I had a few in me. Sounds like a fun weekend (near catfight, aside).

amy said...

Loved your posts!!!!

Sounds like things were fun! Mrs Duck sounds like a hoot! Let us know if you are ever in atlanta

tiff said...

nah - leave the slapper alone. take it as a compliment and off ya go!