Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Philadelphia is nuts for Nutter

Last night, in a resounding victory, Michael Nutter cruised to the Democratic Primary victory in the mayoral race of Philadelphia. That's significant in Philadelphia because a Democrat would have to actually murder someone to not get themselves elected. Nutter came back from a flagging 3rd place and I think about a 20 point deficit in the last 2 months, though the debates and his advertisements that featured his daughter helped his cause. They made him almost appear to be a sweet and fluffer Nutter.

Nutter was also helped by these facts.
-Bob Brady came off as a bit to connected to the Unions, and not the upper class unions. When the teamsters look like they may start threatening people at the polls, thats not gonna help your cause.
-Chaka Fattah's wife is much more famous in Philadelphia.
-Dwight Evans has one of the most power positions in the Pennsylvania State House of Representatives already, so alot of people, including Governor Rendell wanted him to stay put.
-Tom Knox had lots of money and lots of campaign commercials. But, after watching him in the debates, their were times you were left wondering how many takes it took to get the Tin Knox to get out the five lines he was supposed to speak.

Plus, Mayor Street hated Nutter, which for most people would have been a feather in Nutter's cap.
Now, their is a Republican candidate, though I can't tell you his name, still, and Sam Katz is threatening to run as an Independent. One problem for Katz is that he lost to Street twice already, and Street is a boob. How can he think he will be someone that has not come off as a boob. Plus, no offense meant, but their is the religion factor in Katz camp. It might make for an interesting summer if you are into politics, but I do get the feeling that the best show has already come and gone.


Jay said...

Your thoughts on politics and politicians never cease to amuse me :)

Bond said...

Even if they kill someone it would have to be three little old ladies and 20 kids before losing....