Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Wheels Up Again

I have been unmotivated. Well, not unmotivated since I have thought everyday, I really need to get back to my blog. The problem is, I have not really had too much to say. I highly doubt anyone would want to hear about my golfing weekend and how exhausted I was afterwords. Goddess, I would not even want to read about that. But, now I am back and I figure while I have no mind bending posts, I do have some stuff to share, so away we go.

If Jordin does not win American Idol, it shows how wacked up that show is anymore. Blake and Jordin were both quite even through the first two songs, but Jordin's final performance just blew me away. And I was able to catch Mrs Duck getting a little choked up after she was finished. So, it made some sort of impact on her. Plus, we voted, so sheesh, that has to show how much we think Jordin should win. When Mrs Duck breaks down and falls for this popularity contest, and votes 10 times, thats a big deal.

I was back on the interview train yesterday. This time it was a job that I am hopeful of getting and have a small feeling of actually wanting. Though the pay scale is low low low, it would be a start, which is what your favorite feathered friend is looking for. So, heres to another week full of wait.

I have not been keeping up with too many details of this Gonzalez thing down in DC. But, when you are trying to slide around the back door to get the last attorney general to sign off on something while in a drug induced stupor, you may not be the most responsible person that should be in charge of the countries justice system.

Another thing that is a little bit scary is the fact that I am jonesing for Papa Johns pizza! Of course, that addiction will be taken care of later on tonight at dinner. Yipppeee!!


EC said...

Shhhh... don't tell anyone, but I voted 30 times myself :)

For Jordin of course!

Tug said...

Go Jordin!!

and again, much luck with the job!

Anthony said...

I have never allowed not having much to say get in the way of a blog post. :)

What we really need to do is figure out a way to vote 10 times for the next Democrat presidential candidate.

Desert Songbird said...

I don't watch AI, but I gotta cheer for the hometown girl.

Go Jordin!