Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Honored Guard

Call me a cynic. Call me a bleeding heart liberal. Call me a chicken. In the end, I am just tired.

1.Spc Curtis Carter, Lafayette, Louisiana 25 Army
2.Lance Corporal Antonio Shield, Hillsborough, Florida 20 USMC
3.Sargent Michael Barry, Overland Park, Kansas 29 Army
4.Specialist Brian Clemens, Kokomo, Indiana 19, Army
5.Specialist William Tracy, New Hampshire, 27, Army
6.Chief John D Smith, New Hampshire, 32, Army
7.Specialist Rodrigo Gonzalez-Garza, Texas 26 Army
8.PFC Spence McNeil, Bennetsville, SC 19, Army
9.PFC James Dillon, Grove Park, PA 19, USMC
10.Petty Ofc Jason Profitt, 23, Charlestown, Indiana, 23 Navy
11.Staff Sgt Kendall Waters-Bey, 29, Baltimore, MD USMC
12.Corporal Brian Kennedy, 25 Houston, Tx, USMC
13.Capt. Ryan Beaupre, 30, Bloomington, Indiana, USMC
14.Major Jay Aubin, 36, Waterville, Mass., USMC
15.Lance Corporal Jose Gutierrez, 22 Los Angeles, Ca, USMC
16.Second LT. Therrel Childers, 30, Harrison, Michigan, USMC
17.Spc Brandon Tobler, 19, Portland, Oregon, Army
18.Capt Christopher Seifert, 27, Easton, Pennsylvania, Army
19.Lance Cpl. Eric Orlowski, 26, Buffalo, NY, USMC
20.Lance Cpl. Alan Lam, 19 Snow Camp, North Carolina, USMC
21.Sgt Nicholas Hodson, 22 Smithville, Missouri, USMC
22.Chief Warrant Officer Robert Channell Jr, 36 Tuscaloosca, Alabama, USMC
23.Chief Warrant Officer Andy Arnold, 30, Spring, Texas, USMC
24.Lt. Thomas Adams, 27, La Mesa, California, Navy
25.Lance Cpl. Michael Williams, 31, Phoenix, Arizona, USMC
26.Sgt Donald Walters, 33, Kansas City, Missouri, Army
27.Lance Cpl. Thomas Slocum, 22, Adams, Colorado, USMC
28.Private Brandon Sloan, 19, Cleveland, Ohio, Army
29.Corporal Randal Rosacker, 21, San Diego, California, USMC
30.Sargent Brandon Reiss, 23 Natrona, Wyoming, USMC
31 2nd Lt. Frederick Pokorney, 31, Nye, Nevada, USMC
32.Pfc. Lori Piestwa, 23, Tuba City, Arizona, Army
33.Corporal Patrick Nixon, 21, Gallatin, Tennessee, USMC
34.Chief Warrant Officer Johnny Mata, 35, Amarillo, Texas, Army
35.Spc. James Kiel, 22, Comfort, Texas, Army
36.Staff Sgt. Phillip Jordan, 42, Brazoria, Texas, USMC
37.Pfc Howard Johnson II, 21, Mobile, Alabama, Army
38.Private Nolen Hutchings, 19, Boiling Springs, SC USMC
39.Cpl. Jorge Gonzalez, 20, Los Angeles, Ca, USMC
40.Private Jonathan Gifford, 20, Macon, Illinois, USMC
41.Cpl Jose Garibay, 21, Orange, California, USMC
42.Lance Cpl. David Fribley, 26, Lee, Florida USMC

The names must be remembered


Anthony said...

You're tired - I'm tired - and most of all, they are tired, too.

This administration (and ones past) don't like names and faces to go along with the "troops" designation that casualties receive. They would just as soon keep us in the dark, but they have to release the numbers and we should know the names.

Rhian / Crowwoman said...

almost all are under 40 - they barely had a chance to live.