Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Christmas Recap

Well friends, the invasion from Arizona is over. It went well overall, though I would not call it one of the best holidays I have ever had. My parents, well my father actually, always to have me on edge, maybe its still that little boy trying to prove or please, but I am not a psychiatrist. Anyway, they arrived and left safely, luckily they were not on that nightmare that is US Airways.

1st complaint:it took them 4ever to look at FuW's ring. Usually that is one of the 1st things people look at, but it just seemed to be an after thought.

We did have a nice time walking around the city of Philly the 1st day, especially since it really was not that cold overall. Plus we were able to get FuW's gifts from work home, keeping her from having to deal with Mass transit and shopping bags.

Next day, we got caught in holiday traffic, something that BD just loves, which of course, put me more on edge being the driver. Now to be fair, he was sick, which can make him grumpy, and in general, he is not the best car passenger, something I have known for a while. We did have a nice dinner for his B'day, surprised him with a cake and everything at one of out favorite places, The Buck Hotel.

Christmas eve was awesome, exactly what I had pictured in holiday dreams. A nice sit down dinner with my family, FuW's family. Good food, good drink, a good football game, nice conversation and a warm fire, all anyone could ask for really.

Christmas was very nice as well, but a bit tense again, though I think I was doing alot of it to myself. I got a keyboard, piano lessons to learn to play the keyboard, a sweatshirt that I was dying for and some other fine presents. The Barbie dream house by Dept 56 was a big hit, and naturally, E loved her ipod, though I have not set it up yet. The dinner was stressful, just trying to get everything together on time, so I really do not think I got to enjoy the whole day with the families, but that is to be expected as the chef.

Complaint #2: If one pays for rush delivery, 12 days before Xmas, wouldn't one expect said gift to come before Xmas? Damn You Temple University bookstore!

Finally shipped my folks back on Sunday. I will miss them, honestly, it is also very nice to have a house back. Now I still have to clean it up some!


Miss Margo said...

Hosting Xmas is such a challenge. It is at once wonderful and awful. Even though it is very satisfying to pull it off, the pulling off of the holiday sort of ruins the overall relaxation that is supposed to come this time of year...At least from my experiences anyway.