Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Today's reason to bash Republicans=$9.11

The nations Mayor was at it again, or maybe he wasn't because he denies knowing about the cute little ploy before it happened, but it still makes me want to puke. Or it could be the combination of this allergy headache and Giuliani being a grandstanding moron, but I will play Rudy.

It may or may not have had anything to do with the campaign itself, but a fundraiser scheduled to be held on September 26 in Palo Alto, California had a theme of raising $9.11 per person. Yep, $9.11 for the mayor who resurrected his career politically due to his good deeds during the tragedy of 9/11. I freely admit that Giuliani did an excellent job of at least presenting an aura of control and leadership during those horrible days, and it certainly should be a feather in his cap. And, it is not the first time that a candidate has ever done a little cute trick to raise money for his campaign. Edwards had something around his birthday in June, to raise an amount of money coresponding to his birthday and get a free pie recipe. Something like $6.15 or something close to that.

But, to use 9/11 and the rebuilding efforts not only as a booster to your resume, but then to use it as a little fund raising trick is just deplorable. Yes, now some unknown young volunteers are getting blamed for the idea and these volunteers are not even supposed to really be that closely attached to the Giuliani campaign itself, but truly, all of this is partly Rudy's fault in the first place!

He has wrapped himself in the damaged flag of that day, it has been the only thing that really gets him any kind of traction with the crowds. Plus, 9/11 was a chance for Rudy the Mayor to get a clean slate, since he turned crime around in New York City by stomping all over civil liberties in the city. So, when two volunteers get this cock a many idea to raise $9.11 per person, it all turns back to Rudy and his propaganda machine in the first place.

Hence, the nausea.


Bond said...

I lived there, not in NYC, but I like what Rudy did for NY before that horrible day... BUTTHIS is a travesty

total travesty

Anthony said...

I think part of being in politics is the ability to be shameless.
No crazy, hairbrained idea is off limits if it either (a) raises money for you or (b) draws attention to you.

I wonder what Rudy would have done if the terrorist attacks took place on January 2nd?

the108 said...

Jeesh... he wasn't THAT great! I, personally, think he fucked it all up. A lot of people think he seemed so in controlof the situation, but what was he going to do?? Fall apart in front of everyone?

He handled things all wrong by insisting that HE take care of everything in the aftermath and I also think it's horseshit that the day they find the vaults of gold underneath the WTC, he calls off the search for bodies. Giuliani is a real douche.

Lady Jane Scarlett said...

I really hope that people can see beyond the blatant pandering to the "I happened to be mayor on the worst day in American history and I did a damn fine job. So obviously that means I can be president, and if any of you question my abilities I'm going to throw slanders and tug at your heartstrings."

One-trick pony. Does he have any of SUBSTANCE?? Because making fun of Hillary and scaring people to vote for him does not count.

It's a sad state when I'm actually rooting for Newt. At least he's got some meat to his bones, politically speaking.

Michael - Lover of Amy said...

Good thing you support liberals Chris. As you are suffering your nausea, you can have hope that the Democratic Party wins and move to make the government responsible for everyone's health care.

It'll be more handouts for the listless masses who don't want to take the effort to provide for themselves. It would be a great world if eeryone simply took responsbility for their choices instead of asking for help and handouts.

Those on drugs, did someone hold a gun to your head and make you start doing them?

Those without jobs, did you finish school? Have you applied for jobs every day?

Those needing welfare assistance to pay for your children, did you consider how you were going to pay for this child before you decided to fuck?

Those who built your homes below sea level in New Orleans, duh!

Those who build on hurricane-prone coastlines. If you can't afford the insurance, don't build there.

Those who want to lie here, did you follow the procedures to legally enter the country and apply for permission to work and live here?

Those who can't make rent, food, utilities, did you first purchase tobacco, alcohol, lottery tickets?

It is so simple to ask, but so much harder to do.

Take responsibility for your own choices.

Michael - Lover of Amy said...
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Michael - Lover of Amy said...

So, how about those Phillies! Tied for 1st place i nthe NL East. The last time they were there was the first day of the season (BEFORE any games were played).

amy said...

Mr Sparky, It was who deleted the last post. I wrote under Michaels name! I dont like to comment on political things simply because I dont know a lot and disagree with many things and thats okay. I totally understand this post though.

The only thing I know abour Rudy is the fact that he was mayor during 9/11. Doesnt seem to be a good reason to elect him president.

Hillary. Im not a fan of hers simply because of personal reasons and thats not a good reason not to elect into the office

Obama- the only thing I know about him is he a good speaker and Oprah likes him.

Im ready to throw political parties away and just vote on someone who can make a difference. There a lot of things that you have posted that I have disagreed on but I totally respect you putting things out there. I disagree with Michael and some things but I am glad he is honest with how he feels. I tend to sugarcoat things to make things look pretty..Thats not good.
I have lots of reading to do before the election..Hows the Mrs.Duck?