Wednesday, September 26, 2007

On Campus, September 22

I am a day late on this post, so as my own punishment, no pictures of Cheerleaders today. How is this punishment, well I am the one who has to search for the perfect one you know.

I am not sure whether Florida is really for real this year. They played a Mississippi team the really does not have much of an offense, but has experienced players on defense and nearly lost, 30 to 24. Not a ringing endorsement.

USC maybe good, though it is still very hard to tell, since they have not played anyone that respectable yet. Wazzou is decent, but they are 6-5 minor bowl decent. But please, I beg all announcers, shut up about John David Booty already. Let me see him do something before he is a Heisman frontrunner.

Darren McFadden is very very good. Fred Jones is very good. Casey Dick is awful and that is going to be a downfall for Arkansas this year. Kentucky went out and beat them on there home field and the Razorbacks lost a lead while it happened. Kentucky maybe for real.

LSU stepped all over the Gamecocks. The Bayou Bengals may be the best team in the NCAA's this year, especially when a small 5'6 guy is also able to run all over a defense. Now, he has world class speed, but still Trinidon Holliday looks like he may weigh 150 pounds wet.

The Ducks won once again, though the first half was a struggle. I was only marginally worried, because the Stanford defense could really not stop Oregon, so when the Ducks drove down the field to tie the game on the first drive of the second half, I was able to go to bed figuring the Ducks would pull it out.

On the BCS buster front, Hawaii smoked Charleston Southern, though I think Charleston Southern has only been playing football for like 3 years. And Michigan beat Penn State, though the Nittany Lions were an overrated 3-0 before this game. I hope the Wolverines keep winning, because they make Oregon look better and better.

and to cap off the weekend, I present Mike Gundy, who I remember as the Quarterback of Oklahoma State who got to hand the ball off to Barry Sanders. He is now the coach of the Cowboys, and he goes ape shit about an article in one of the Oklahoma newspapers.


pissed off patricia said...

Keep an eye on the Univ of South Florida's football team this year. Just a little tip from me to you. :)

How about those Cowboys? 3-0
It's been a long long time since that could be said.

Sparky Duck said...

PoP-Dangit, I meant to mention that in here. Grothe is very impressive, he maybe a better Tebow then Tebow right now. Dallas 3-0, but a long season ahead still.

Tilly Greene said...

The Booty thing I can ignore, but the way they go on about Rice at Rutgers, well, I guess this applies to all college teams and commentators - I'd like to see them get on with it and let it be a surprise who wins the Heisman!

Matt-Man said...

Gundy's triade came after a win, just think if they had lost!!

the108 said...

I was reading and chugging along just fine and then you said, "gamecocks".

And, naturally, everything changed for me at that point and I couldn't focus on the rest of the post.


Starrlight said...

I think the term for his reaction is "bug shit."

kailani said...

It's still a win and we'll take it! hee hee