Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Yea great day...

I hope you were able to note the sarcasm in my title. Yesterday was one of those days that you just say to yourself why ever did I get out of bed in the first place.

It started with an ooze. An ooze from Mrs Duck's incision that looked to me like it contained puss and blood. Not exactly the wakeup call either of us wanted to have at 3 in the morning. I think it was partly a good thing because the puss was probably the infection leaving her body. Anytime an infection leaves, that a good thing, but it was kind of disgusting and smelly. Plus, it left a huge hole along her incision, at least huge to me because that is not supposed to happen to ones skin.

So, it was off to her surgeons office so he could clean it up and check it out, and then down to Center City so the wife would not lose a day of work, shes low on days off and then it was all over Northeast Philadelphia and Bucks county for me, to get meds and drainage pads and all that fun stuff.

And of course, yesterday was 9/11, enough said.

Plus, dinner was kind of crummy. I made fettucine with fontina cheese. The base of the recipe was very good, the fettucine was kept creamy by using eggs and milk instead of heavy cream, but the fontina cheese was very bitter, not exactly the kind of thing you want to say about your own creations.

But, today is a new bright day, the seepage was less, the kitchen is like a blank slate, waiting for a new culinary creation and I actually did a Wordless Wednesday. What, you don't see it? Hmm perhaps you are not looking in the right place.


Matt-Man said...

You cant go wrong with a post that contains the word, "puss". Good job Sparky. Cheers!!

Anndi said...

The words seepage and cheese should not be in the same post... now tell me, is green a good colour for me or does it make my butt look big?

FRIGGA said...

No, things don't get much worse than puss and bitter cheese. Today will be better! :-)

Tilly Greene said...

I forgot to come over yesterday [yeah, not a good day for any of us] and give my hugs to the Mrs for the ooze! Poor thing!

As far as I'm concerned, everyday is a blank slate in the kitchen so go for it, get wild, and create a real gem the Mrs so for a minute she can ignore the healing woes.

Nancy said...

Ouch! I hope she is feeling better soon. Not fun!

Nancy Lindquist-Liedel said...

head out to a good store and pick up some good Parmesan cheese. Use it. Keep away from the can. Just say no to the can.

And use your Fontina for yummy fondue :)

Desert Songbird said...

Gawd - Matty is so bad. You KNOW he keyed in on "puss" when you meant "pus." Figures he'd notice that.

Hope Mrs. Duck is doing better!

Sparky Duck said...

Matt-Yea what Songbird said

Anndi-well at least you visited early enough that the idea did not stay in your head. Trust me, today was worse.

Frigga-Not by much, its just skeevy

Tilly-Yes I will pass that on and yes dinner was much bigger positive today

Nancy Liedel-This was not a canned cheese. I will save the fondue idea though.

Songbird-same goes your way you know

Tug said...

Hope Mrs. Duck is feeling better today! I had a separate hole with a 'straw' coming out my stomach for the oozing...freakyass weird. I still have a scar from my blowhole.

Anthony said...

I've had that ooze. Not pretty. Another triumph of modern medicine. Glad everything turned out OK.