Thursday, September 13, 2007

Dubya Hates Repeats

Ok, ok, a lame title, but I just downloaded the new Kanye West song this afternoon and have been listening to it a couple of times today.

Anywho, Dubya will be on the air tonight to share his new plan for the War in Iraq, which from all details that have been leaked to press, sounds just like the old plan before the surge. What I figured I would go into would be what I wanted to hear and not hear from the President tonight.

The Don'ts

Benchmarks:Or at least telling us how the Iraqi government has hit or almost hit 11 of the 18 requests. The problem I have with the way Dubya usually presents it is the almost. If I had a algebra test that had 18 questions on it, and I answered 8 of them fully and almost answered 3 more, those 3 would be marked wrong. You don't get credit for almost in the scholastic world, so you don't get credit in the political world.

9/11 and Iraq: The two have absolutely nothing to do with each other, no matter how many times the government, there mouth pieces and anyone else that ties Iraq to the War on Terror tell us that they are connected. Saudi Arabia had the large marjority of the terrorists, not Iraq, so stow the whole flag waving, somber connection. One does not have to do with the other and to say such is shameless.

That the Surge is working and thats why the first group can home:Its all about timing, yes General Petraeus could have extended there tours again, but there would be a backlash that the government may not be able to fight off. So, yes, the soldiers did a great job, a job that I could not have done and they should come home. But, if things get bad, most of them would have still had to come home sooner rather then later, because they can't stay there in perpetual limbo.

The Do's

A time table: Some sort of solid date certain plan that says this is when we will be pulling back and the numbers we will be pulling back will be a majority of the troops, not just the percentage that was sent in by this promotional surge. Its simple, you give someone a date that they have to get something done by and it spurs on those people to get the job done. Lets start treating the Iraqi government like high school students who have term papers due in three months.

A kind and friendly speaker: Channel President Reagan, he could tell you something bad but did it with a wink and a smile and a true actors class that you would not get ticked off. The petulant child that usually appears at press conferences will do absolutely nothing to make any of the detractors happy.

The real problem is, if you are against the war, you are in a no win situation. Republicans and supporters of the war can say they are making the US safer because we have not been hit with a terrorist attack since the war in Iraqi started. If we are, gaia forbid, attacked by some terrorists that are not the homegrown kind, War hawks can say, see this is why we are fighting! So, it is just a no win situation for a detractor like me, who braces everyday to be called a chicken instead of a duck.


Amy Ruttan said...

Hmm I don't know what to say. I support Canadian (I know you're American) troops but I don't think they should be where they are, and I don't agree with the war in Iraq.

I posted something you might think is funny.

Some more Celebrity Jeopardy.

Sparky Duck said...

Amy-You know I will be stopping by, Therapist is just funny enough. I support all the troops over there, especially since I do not think they are in a place that is safe for them

Anthony said...

Nicely done, Ducky. I'm not particularly well-versed on world politics, but that didn't stop me from having an opinion.

If I knew how to post a link, I'd do it, but you know where it is.

the108 said...

These speeches are all the same. For weeks prior, we hear all over the place that he plans to announce the withdrawal of a certain number of troops and then by the time he actually gets talking, we're suddenly still victorious and then even more troops will be sent. It's ridiculous.

Starrlight said...

Which song? The collab with Daft Punk? I gotta buy that entire album :P