Monday, October 25, 2004

Bubba's Back

Well, since I am currently on an extended vacation courtesy of Bank of America, I figured I might take this opportunity to do things or see things that I wouldn't be able to see if I was working.

So, I got up at 7 in the morning, rode the train with gf and trekked down to Love Park in Philadelphia to see John Kerry and the legend campaigner Bill Clinton. Trust me, I did not have the good donor tickets, but I was able to occasionally make out who was who, and at the end of teh rally as they were shaking hands and the crowds thinned, I was able to catch a good full glimpse of them, probably the only time my camera would have been useful if I had it. President Clinton was still sounding a bit weak, but he also still was a great and inspiring speaker, and Kerry capitalized on all the attention of Bubba's return to deliver a hopeful and hard hitting speech on why the Shrub is such a terrible leader.

Made me really really glad to live in such a Democratic town like Philadelphia, standing amongst 20,000 other true believers, trying to resurrect our hopes!


Baby Girl said...

It was more like 80k to 100k supporters. I was going to jump on the sub and join in during my lunch hour, but I would have wanted to stay for the entire time. Apparently, they'll be back before next week and Hillary is making a visit later this week.

Sparky Duck said...

From where I was it felt like 20, until I saw the pics on the news. If they will be back so will I!