Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Iggles and On Campus 9-15

That was a waste of 3 and a half hours that I won't get back. The Eagles came out flat again last night against the Washington Redskins and in fact coughed up another game. They are now 0 and 2 and also 2 games back of 2 division rivals. The running backs were still strong enough, but the rest of the offense looked a bit off. Jason Avant looks like he will be a good wide receiver, but Kevin Curtis and Reggie Brown looked like they could not get out of there own way. Donovan McNabb looked rusty, or still injured or a bit of both. Neither the offense, nor the defense played with any kind of intensity, or need. I know it is only the 2nd game, but they have now given away 2 winnable games. And next week they play the aerial circus that is the Detroit Lions, with a banged up secondary. It might be one long year in Philly. Sheesh, the Arizona Cardinals have a better record!

As I mentioned, I did not see too many games in the college ranks this weekend, but I still can muster up some thoughts.
USC looks impressive once again, though in my mind they still have not played anyone that difficult. I am amazed at how they just seem to be able to insert new running backs ever year. Just please, do not tell me that John David Booty is a Heisman Trophy Candidate. Im thinking Gino Torretta (and there are like 3 of you that get that joke)
UConn needed a controversial pass interference penalty to defeat Temple. Not exactly the brightest day in UConn football history when you need the Zebras to help you beat a hapless MAC team.
Texas snuck out a win over U of Central Florida. While if you want a recap, you can click here, but I will say this is one of the reasons that the big schools do not go to the smaller schools to play a game. If that game was in Austin, it probably would have been a 21 point game instead of a 3 point one.
The long national nightmare, well national if national was just Big Ten country, is over with the thumping that the Wolverines put on Notre Dame to get there first win of the year. Lloyd Carr may last 2 more weeks now, until he loses to Minnesota or, shudder to think, Minnesota.
Finally, Oregon won once again, though this was a game they were supposed to get and the Warriors of Hawaii, my new BCS buster darlings, stomped all over UNLV 49-14. I am just glad the Rainbow Warriors got to do the Haka before the game.


wordnerd said...

I'm with ya on the 0-2...looks like Payton has the Sophomore Curse. Sheesh. Looks like My Saints are once again becoming the Aints.

I agree that USC has not really played anyone -- they beat a #14 team after Idaho and a bye and they get more first place votes, while we beat a much better Virginia Tech team, then ranked #9, and two others and we lose first place votes?

Matt-Man said...

I think Notre Dame is on the way back...no, really.

Bond said...

philly/ny 0-6

ugh what a collapse

Tilly Greene said...

USC! USC! Yeah, my team is going to give all those nay-sayers the two finger salute.

Okay, Rutgers did pretty well, although I don't think they've found a proper match to play against yet.

Then there's the Bears - don't think they'll get anywhere this year so may join the cutie as a cheesehead - like their quarterback. Hey, Sparky, you know, he might be a good choice to post :-)

Desert Songbird said...

Gino Torretta? As in the "no hit wonder?"

Sparky Duck said...

Nerdy-Well, the Saints have promise, the Eagles are just getting old. And USC never plays anyone until deep into the season.

Matt Man-There is plenty of promise, just 3 years away of promise.

Bond-Its a sad state of affairs, but at least the Jets can say they got cheated or something.

Tilly-Quack You and your 2 fingers. Just keep bringing the Song Girls though. I am a Favre/Packer fan, but the Eagles made for a better post.

Desert-I don't know who was worse, Toretta, Ware or even cosidering Ken Dorsey a candidate

Anthony said...

My thoughts exactly on the Eagles. I think it was 11:50 when the game was nearing the end, and I thought "Geez, I gotta go to bed!"
I don't mind investing the time if the team is going to put out some effort, but that game was just horrible.

This week's Lions game is a season make-or-break game. 0 and 3 would be a death knell for them. They still have the Colts and Patriots on the schedule, too, right?