Monday, September 24, 2007

The Ups and Downs of Being a Duck

Yes, its been a little while since I have posted or visited blogs. I either really didn't feel like it over the weekend, or was running around, one of the other and the combination of both made me lax. Everyone has those moments though right?

The Ups were the Eagles game yesterday, a game they actually decided to go out and win. It was a beautiful day, and the game had a great first half, Westbrook running like a monster and McNabb actually completing some passes, which was a new thing for him this year at least. The second half was dull, because the Lions sort of packed it in midway through the 3rd quarter, but anytime you get to see a game with a final score of 56 to 21 and your team has the 56, its a good day.

Another up was the new lamp we picked up at Home Goods. Its got this cool kinda stone pilon look to it and it is much better then the brass lamps that we had been using, mostly because the brass can be such an 80's thing. Plus, the story behind the brass lamp was one I personally was not to fond of. Another small purchase that is ours (Mrs Duck and mine) as opposed to something we got as a hand me down from some relative or something.

The downs unfortunately also stopped into pay a visit. Its a shame to because Mrs Duck was actually very cheerful Friday, in one of the best moods I have seen her in, in a little while. But, another trip to the doctor, for a check up on the oozing scar, as well as some pain she had in her jaw showed a hair line fracture in the jaw bone. We were both surprised and upset. It means another 3 weeks of a liquid diet and taking it easy in the hopes of not having the bone displace, which would mean more surgery for the Mrs. It is beginning to become one of those frustrating times, mostly because there was very little we could do to prevent the injury, since the bone was already weak from her own disease and from the surgery, but you still feel helpless. Plus, you wonder when exactly things may start to go right as opposed to wrong.

Plus, no phone calls from the resume dump and apparently I am a bad beta, whatever that means. So, the downs were plenty darn down.

But, its another beautiful day, so we both try to strive for the positives. But with my family coming in less then 2 weeks, and me not even figuring out what I want for my birthday, mostly because it just seems like I dont feel like thinking about what I might want, it makes it a tad stressful even if its not either as stressful as it could be, or its not a time with these heavy amounts of dire stress. Am I rambling too much yet?


The Gal Herself said...

The Phillies are still in it, and that's an up. I am pulling for them over the Mets. I'm superstitious and most definitely DO NOT want to see Cubs-Mets! (I know we had a football game here last night cuz everyone is calling for a QB lynching, but I simply don't have the bandwidth to pay attention just now.)

So sorry about the Mrs.' news. It seems it's "one step up/two steps back" for her. It must be hard for her to keep her spirits up. Thank goodness she has you and her feline family.

An old friend of my likened a job search to cooking spaghetti: you have to throw a fistful of noodles at the wall for just one to stick, and you have to send out a ton of resumes to get one response. So just send the resumes again, this time with a slightly different (shorter) cover letter. The odds are that something will shake loose (or stick).

Matt-Man said...

Be positive, stay hopeful, and drink heavily. Cheers Sparky!!

the108 said...

Everybody has these moments... don't sweat it! I hope things start dooking up for you soon!!

MissMargo said...

Chin up, shoulders back, deep breath. It will all be fine if you keep working on it.

Kudos to you for trying to look on the bright side this weekend.

wordnerd said...

Ok -- when I went to comment, I saw you had acknowledged the Duckies after all -- I was really beginning to worry! Anyway, and seriously, it really sounds like a crappy time, but I'm glad to see you are trying to look on the bright side. Hang in there, buddy!

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

is that eider down sparky? feel better my friend...

smiles, bee

Twyla said...

Sorry to hear about Mrs. Duck. Hope she gets better soon.

Tilly Greene said...

Chin up Sparky - through all the ups and downs, there is one absolute: you are there for Mrs Duck when she needs you most, and she is there for you, even if she is having a difficult time.

Take the positives and ignore the rest. As for bday pressies - ask for gift certificates from your favorite shops or restaurants, that way when you have the energy to think about celebrating, it's there waiting for you.

Oh, and a big ol' chocolate cake with a side of pudding for the Mrs.



PS Eagles were lucky - shoot, even the Jets won :-)

Tug said...

The sun will come out tomorrow,'s only a day awayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

Sing it with my Sparky!

Christine said...

Silly duck, of course there was steak in our sandwhiches. :)

Sorry to hear you're feeling down.
If it makes you feel better it is a very beautiful day here. It was 61F this morning, so things are looking up! Keep looking on the bright side.

Desert Songbird said...

So sorry to hear about Mrs. Duck's continuing problems. Here's hoping for the best.

Starrlight said...

First off, tell Mrs. Duck I am thinking good thoughts for her.

Second do you mean bad beta?! It's kind of a grim time economy wise ya know, so I wouldn't take it personally. And at least you are trying, right? You know my back history on this issue :P

As for the lax, I have been too since my fun with the Norwalk virus. It's just a tough month with back to school etc..hopefully things will settle down for both of us soon.

Oh yeah...what Matt said. Cheers!

Lisa Andel said...

I'm sorry Sparky. Things will get better. (Faster, if you drink heavily)

kailani said...

I'm so sorry for everything you and especially Mrs. Duck are going through right now! Hope you get a little good luck coming your way soon - you both deserve it!

Anthony said...

Well, the liquid diet ain't all bad ... oh, not that kind? :)

The Eagles game was dull, and although I like the win, I could do without the worthless second half. I'm sure there will be more nail-biters to follow, so we'll take that one for now.

Sorry about Mrs. Duck. Health issues are a strain. But, yes it is a beautiful day, and family is coming, birthdays, a playoff baseball run and you have a loving companion.
Ups and downs, but things generally get better.

EC said...

The Eagles did look good - but the Patriots look better ;)

Sorry about Mrs. Duck - a liquid diet can't be any fun at all!!