Monday, September 25, 2006

Old Friends

Its amazing how you can not see someone for such a long time and fall right back into the friendly barbs and nicknames like you see them everyday.

Mrs. Duck and I made the trip to NJ, a long trip it was actually. Though I did take the scenic tour to get there, showing her some of my old stomping grounds and haunts. Though things have changed some actually, alot less farmland then I remembered.

The occasion for the trip was some of my old roommates christening for there youngest daughter. Well, youngest daughter is kinda silly since its there only daughter. And, on a sidenote, the priest that ran the ceremony seemed to be on the express lane service, since there was no pomp, circumstance, or even emotional attachment to the ceremony itself.

But, undigressing, my friends were very happy to see us and meet Mrs. Duck. Our conversations flowed and fell back into it like it was 10 years ago. Overall a great time, except for the fact that it feels like a long long trip!


starlight143 said...

I love road trips but the last time I drove through NJ was when the family and I picked up my husband from bootcamp and I remember it being rather smelly! Oh and I didn't get you anything but we can share my new sunglasses on the odd days! LOL kidding!