Thursday, September 06, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #51-The Blue Ducks One

Thirteen Players on Sparky's Fantasy Football Team

Last week, I had our fantasy football draft. Its an auction draft, which means we have a one hundred dollar limit and have to pick 15 players out of that 100 dollars. I liked my team a lot better last year, but I might have a shot at the playoffs again this year. Yes, its a sports Thursday 13, I apologize ahead of time. So here are the 2007 Blue Ducks

1. Carson Palmer, QB-Cincinnati-Recovered fully now from a knee injury from 2 years ago and I am not really concerned about him being arrested.

2.Cedric Benson, RB-Chicago-Thomas Jones is gone to the Jets, so Cedric is the main man. Now, hopefully, he stays healthy.

3.DeAngelo Williams, RB-Carolina-Still sharing time with DeShaun Foster, I am hoping that all the talk is right and that he will take over for him by the end of the year.

4.Reggie Wayne, WR-Indianapolis-Peyton Manning does not have enough footballs to throw around, but he seems to like to send a good majority Wayne's way. We find out with the opening game tonight.

5.Roy Williams, WR-Detroit-Still a stud and with the Martz offense intact now, he should be even more of a stud. Or he better be.

6.Calvin Johnson, WR-Detroit-Rookie, but he was a man amongst boys last year in college, so he should be a pretty good man amongst men this year.

7.Marshawn Lynch, RB-Buffalo-The rookie running back who as soon as he was drafted became the top back for the Bills. Of course, he plays for the Buffalo Bills, so thats not good.

8.Chester Taylor, RB-Minnesota-Chester the Cheetah, sharing time with rookie Adrian Peterson in the Viking backfield. I figure by the end of the year I will have another reason to hate the ex Sooner Peterson, because he will outplay the Cheetah.

9.Greg Jennings, WR-Green Bay-Um, I have no idea why I have him besides the fact that Wayne, Williams and Johnson all have the same day off, so I need someone to fill in for them.

10.Marcedes Lewis, TE-Jacksonville-Admit it, he has a really cool name.

11.Neil Rackers, K-Arizona-I had to have at least one ,Phoenix Arizona Cardinal on my team so I don't just watch there games because I am a closet Cardinal fan.

12.Ted Ginn, JR, WR-Miami-I just have the feeling that he is going to have an explosive year once he gets used to the pros. Or, he will break his ankle again and I will just cut him.

13.Brian Leonard, RB-St Louis-He is a Rutgers guy and since I am a Jerseyan, we always pull for Rutgers guys. Plus Steven Jackson almost always misses a game or two.

Ok, I realize that this is a lot of gobbly goop to many people. Heck, its gobbly goop to me to, but since Football season starts tonight, it just fit as a Thursday Thirteen.

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Malcolm: said...

You have a pretty good squad assembled. I am glad to see that a Detroit Lion made the cut

Rhian / Crowwoman said...

Pierce Giboney, GA Southern...and no i STILL don't freakin know what position he plays. okay - that totally tapped the sum of my sports knowledge. i'm an empty shell now.

Christine d'Abo said...

My husband is doing fantasy football for the first time this year. The night of the draft he had to be out, so he gave me a list of a few players and asked me to do it for him. I hope his team doesn't suck LOL!

amy said...

Ok, Sparky, Dont know much about sports but still wanted to comment as mines up! Hope Mrs Duck is well

Lisa Andel said...

What Rhian said. ;-)

Tilly Greene said...

Now Sparky, you say "stud" and you know I'm going to look him up and my what a gorgeous smile! Good pick with him, may he catch loads of touchdowns for you :-)

Journeywoman said...

I know nothing about football except that the first Sunday in February my husband needs to watch it.

Happy TT

colleen said...

Oh no, It's all greek to me. But you know how I like the Sawks. It's genetic thing.

Sparky Duck said...

Malcolm-I seem to have a Lion every year, last year it was KJones. DET has a great offense, just cant stop anyone.

Rhian-Your son is a offensive lineman, which means he blocks for the guys that say RB and QB after there names.

Amy-Ill be around later on then.

Lisa-Look at what I told Rhian and insert Her instead of Your.

Tilly-Glad I could help, though I may bag this hottest QB thing, its not getting a blogging buzz. Plus he has big hands.

Journey-Just the first Sunday in Feb? I am watching Football from the first Saturday in Sept until then.

Colleen-A good genetic code to have, go Sawks!

Angela said...

OK, I'm another hopeless female who knows nothing about football. Good luck and thanks for visiting!

Qtpies7 said...

I'm so glad that my dh is not playing FF this year, so I don't have to try to pretend to be interested in it, lol.
Have fun, though!

Sparky Duck said...

Christine-I should have started a part time job, can't do your fantasy draft, I will do it for you, for a nominal fee.

Angela-well thanks for coming by, maybe you will recognize the names now and say, hey I know him.

QT-But FF is a great great addictive, gets easily annoying thing.

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

this is sports, right sparky?

smiles, bee

Matt-Man said...

While I like your Wide Receivers, I am a big fan of Chad Johnson! Cheers!!

Joely Sue Burkhart said...

I'm doing my first ever fantasy team. The only overlap with yours that I have is Cedric Benson. I do have Peyton Manning, so maybe I won't suck entirely. :-)

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

What? No Steelers? No Hines???? No Troy??

Man, you really ARE from Philly now, aren't you?


The list looks good, but what do I know? I'm a hockey fan.

Nap Warden said...

The only team I know anything about is Da Bears!

The Rock Chick said...

Should I be embarassed to say that I only know one name on this list? It's the guy from Chicago and that's probably because that's where I live :) Can't get away from Da Bears in these parts!

I hope they all come through for you so you can win the big bucks :)

Happy TT
Jessica The Rock Chick

Rhian / Crowwoman said...

Sparks - how the heck did you find all that out? and what's an RB and QR or whatever it was you said?

Sparky Duck said...

Bee-Yes Sports, just trying to broaden your horizons

Matt-Chad Johnson was alot more expensive then I thought he would be.

Joely-Tell me who else you have??

Susan-Free Willie Parker was a popular pick, but too rich for my budget. Hines is sorta getting old. Um Troy Paholomalu? No use to me in Fantasy Football

Nap & Jessica-At least you guys know who Da Bears are. You do know the Fridge retired right?

Rhian-Google it yourself, heck I know where your kid was supposed to go to school instead of GaSouthern

Denise Patrick said...

Of course, you know that I have absolutely no idea who any of these people are. Although I occasionally watch football, I never pay attention to the actual players. Hope you make it to the playoffs.

Happy TT!

Rhian / Crowwoman said...

okay. google is scary.

Ann said...

Good luck with the FF. I try to avoid football, but invariably my sibs tell me all about it anyway (they're all gator fans). Happy TT.

Wylie Kinson said...

Yeah, um... do they look hot in those tight little pants? Cause that's my fantasy...

Hyperion said...

I was feeling badly about my team, but after seeing yours I feel a lot better. My team will crush yours.

Jill said...

I'm lost since the only football I watch is during a movie!! And I only know that QB means quarter back!