Thursday, September 20, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #53-The Made in New Jersey One

Thirteen Things products Made in New Jersey

A couple of weeks back, the Rutgers Football team put a thumping on the Naval Academy. The game was known for Ray Rice becoming the all time leading rusher in school history, and it was also known for the awful behavior of the Rutgers student section. Now, I do not condone harsh words and a spew of obscene gestures at the opposing team, though a little booing here or there is acceptable in any sporting event, even if the opponent is the one of the service academies. Now, a BullS**T chant at a referee, thats all fun and games.

But, I felt the need to defend my state, because every single person that is a fan in NJ is being painted with the same brush, awful loutish people. Now, I know a list will do nothing to change peoples opinions, but maybe if I tell everyone about all the great things they get from the Garden State (yes besides a bad smell, ha ha) it will help a little to improve our image.

1.Bosco Chocolate Syrup-Ok, its no Hershey's but its gotta be better then Ovaltine.

2.Campbells Soup-2 Billion soup cans a year can't be wrong.

3.Creative Products-All those great Seen on TV products, including the Bacon Wave and Blu Blocker Sun Glasses

4.Ecko Apparel-I have no idea, I don't wear his stuff, but I have heard of it.

5.Goya-The only brand of canned adobo chiles I can find.

6.Flying Fish Beer-This could be a recurring theme, since there seems to be alot of alcohol leaning beverages from NJ, but Flying Fish is one of my favorites.

7.Johnson & Johnson-Ok, not every product Johnson and Johnson makes come from NJ, but all of the money does.

8.Honeywell-They produce many products that are found in the home that I am sure you had no idea Honeywell made, just like me. Some them include thermostats, dampers fro furnaces and Jet Engines

9.Ingersoll-Rand-a manufacturing company that creates bobcats and other earth movers. But also makes Golf Carts!

10.Maidenform-Bras, ladies, Bras.

11.Toys R Us-Let me know how much you hate NJ for spawning this company at the holiday season when you can't find anything.

12.NFL Films-Have you ever settled down to watch some highlights of the great Steelers teams of the 70s? Chance are its an NFL Films production

13.Tabatchnik Fine Foods-The best split pea soup in a supermarket.

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Kiki said...

I had to laugh at your comment on my Men/Boys list! I have to admit a fondness for Jersy myself. I went to basic training there, many moons ago, and I actually liked it!

Mom not Mum said...

Cool list - I have friends with a chocolate lab named Bosco. As if you cared. LOL Just gotta share my own tidbit ya know.

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

do you feel like you have to defend nj like i feel i have to defend the south all the time? yeesh, right?

smiles, bee

the108 said...

I'm from Cinti where Proctor and Gamble is and a lot of my family works there... so many products made at p n' g...

amy said...

What a post!! You crack me up especially the TRU post!!!!!

FYI, we have a contest starting tomorrow and all you have to do is comment and post the contest in one of your posts. These are fun prizes..Hope you will join us!

Tilly Greene said...

Don' forget SPAM!

I never knew about the "smell" but big hair on the ladies was something I heard most.

julia said...

Loutish fan behavior is a hard thing to control when people use the game as an outlet for hostilities they'd never dream of unloading in a one-to-one situation.
And Campbell's soup - mmm, mmm good!

erin said...

How did Jersey get such a bad rap? Thanks for educating us about its good qualities. :) Happy TT! Mine is words that describe me.

InterstellarLass said...

Isn't Bon Jovi a major export as well?

Carrie Lofty said...

And Bruce Springsteen?

kailani said...

I'll never understand why Toys-R-Us will published ads for things I can't find on their shelves. Drives me crazy.

Robin said...

Ouch. I'm a Rutgers alumn (alumna?). I'm way out of touch though, I had no idea Rutgers football was "bigtime" as the article said. For that matter, I never made it closer to a game than the Homecoming tailgate party.

I'll second the reminder for Bruce though :-).

Starrlight said...

And The Boss!

Anonymous said...

We were just in NJ a few weeks back, My cousin lives five minutes away from Rutgers and we drove past there and Johnson and Johnson
We had a blast, I loved New Jersey


Sparky Duck said...

Kiki-Thanks for stopping by, was it Dix or Monmouth or way way north?

Not Mum-I always love collecting tidbits

Bee-yes I do, though at least I dont call my home Podunk ;)

Sparky Duck said...

108-The Power of pharma is all consuming, even in Ohio

Amy-I am glad to be enterntaining

Tilly-Spam, the wonder meat of Hawaii. The smell is more a Newark thing I think, but its all anybody seems to remember

Julia-It is Mob mentality

Erin-I blame Newark Airport, the Sopranos and the screwed up government, way before McSkeevey

Lass, Carrie Robin and Starr-Yes the Bruce, I love him, but he's not a product. I meant to add a Bon Jovi smile picture

Robin-as an alumi, you best remember the names Ray Rice and Greg Schiano, they wont be there forever

Lani-well, isnt that what the Holidays are about, driving Parents nutty?

Maribeth-your cousin probably lives in my old Central Jersey stomping grounds then.

Bond said...

Go to the western half of the state where the mountains and trees and lakes - beautiful state...

Buck Naked Politics said...

I didn't know any of that (and I'm glad to know what Bosco is, having years ago heard a reference to it on a TV commercial about a different product.

WFMom said...

wow, what an interesting read. I didn't know much of it either! Great idea for a list!

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Is Megaforce Records still in Jersey, or did they defect entirely to Bucks County?

At any rate, Jersey's an important place, Springsteen and Bon Jovi aside. I may make fun of the place but that's 'cause I sort of like it.

Happy TT, babe.

Michael - Lover of Amy said...

I was originally feeling uninspired by this list, but I delveloped some thoughts.

You left off View Askew Productions. Kevin Smith the writer/director/actor from Red Bank's company.

Miss New Jersey in Miss Congeniality who asked "Why is NJ called the Garden State? Because "oil and Petrochemical refinery state" is too long to fit on a license plate.

And then you mentioned bras. (bras, ladies, bras), which made me think of something from work. While stocking shelves down in the laundry section I saw this, NEW! from Tide! the Bra Buddy! It's a plastic ball to put your bra in when you run it through the washer. It is the same concept as the ballcap-buddy.

Desert Songbird said...

Egads! Just say NOOOOOOOOO to Honeywell! Run in fear! Run for your life!!!!

(Can you tell that hubby and I had bad experiences working for Funny-Hell?)

The Gal Herself said...

Thank you for not referring to The Boss as a "product." We true believers would find that offensive.

And Flying Fish Beer intrigues me. Is it a favorite because of the taste, or the name?

Tug said...

You have a jet engine in your home? Cool...I want one.


Lisa Andel said...

I've heard that people from NJ will likely be able to survive a nuclear war because of all the pollutants they've grown up in through the generations.


Michael - Lover of Amy said...

Just read yesterday that for $100 you can attend the Boss' practice for his next tour on Monday and Tuesday of this coming week. Cool charity thing he does.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the mention! Josh from Bosco Products, Inc.

Nicholas said...

We use Campbells and J & J products in this house. NJ's contribution to our well being!

Anthony said...

And cranberries. There's some pretty good cranberries coming out of the Hammonton area, if you're a cranberry fan.
A nice winery down there, too. Tomasello. In the fall (now) they make this stuff called Mulled Spice that you can heat in a crock pot with cinammon sticks and orange wedges. It's a beautiful hot toddy.

Annie said...

There's also EK Success, based out of Clinton. They make awesome scrapbook supplies (if they were closer to Central/South Jersey, I'd pester them for a job!)

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