Monday, September 10, 2007

On Campus-September 8

Saturday was one of those days that made you happy to be a football fan. You would have looked over the games and figured that some of these were going to be dogs, and then lo and behold, they were some great games.

Oregon put a thumping on Michigan, sending them to the worst home loss ever, in point differential. Dennis Dixon looked like Vince Young and it looked like the Wolverine cornerbacks could have been beaten on a long bomb by me. Yes, both Hart and Henne eventually got injured, making the 2nd half a mute point, but sorry Wolverine fans, by the time all that happened, the game was over. By the way, a note to the Wolverine defensive coordinators, the statue of Liberty play has been around forever. It is not a new gimmick. Getting fooled by it not once but twice is even more foolish. Oh yea 39-7 by the way, Quack Quack!

Unfortunately, the NCAA Infraction committee did not come in and shut down the Oklahoma vs Miami of Florida game for cheating and rules infractions. So we will just have to revel in how bad the Hurricanes looked, though truth be told, I would have reveled in a Sooner loss if the shoe was on the other cheater foot.

Delaware beat pesky West Chester to go to 2-0. West Chester is the Blue Hens closest rivals, though the folks in Newark likely consider them to be more of a nuisance while the Rams consider us there biggest enemies. I have seen West Chester beat Delaware in person in the past, so any victory of them is a good one.

We were out with Red and The Senator, so we missed almost all of the Penn State/Notre Dame game. Though if you were an Irish backer, which is where I would have been leaning if I had to pick between both teams, it seems we did not really miss too much. Long year for Charlie Weis.

Speaking of the Irish, UWashington snapped the nations longest winning streak with a win over Boise State. I bet the subway Alumni now wish they would have given Willingham a bit more time as the Irish coach, since he is bringing the Huskies back quickly. And with the win over LaTech, it looks like the Warriors of Hawaii are on there way to being this years Boise State, with the aptly named Heisman Trophy candidate, Colt Brennan.

Finally, there was some late night joy, as Auburn, one of the most OVERRATED, undercoached, someone made a deal with the Devil teams in the country, lost to the University of South Florida at home, in overtime. I did a little jig when Grothe completed that touchdown in overtime and was even happier for the Bulls kicker who missed at least 4 field goals and still helped his team to win. I guess Auburn could not bribe any officials before that game.

And now, to bow down to the lowest common denominator, sex, here is the cheerleader pic, an anonymous Sun Doll of the University of South Florida.


Desert Songbird said...

Hubby always thought FSU had the best tarty cheerleaders (the Buckeye cheerleaders look so daggone wholesome!), but I'll have to have him check out this one.

julia said...

"It looked like the Wolverine cornerbacks could have been beaten on a long bomb by me."

Starrlight said...

Sunday was a bummer though. That poor Bill player. That was heartbreaking =(

Starrlight said...

Sunday was a bummer though. That poor Bill player. That was heartbreaking =(

pissed off patricia said...

Mr Pop is a USF grad so he had his happy face on this weekend. I am a Dallas Cowboys fan so I too got to sport my happy face Sunday night. In fact I can't get this smile off my face. Next weekend the Cowboys go fishing for Dolphin in Miami. Here's hoping they get their limit. :)

Matt-Man said...

I am lovin' the red hair. That pic helps to take the sting out of the Notre Dame football season. It is however fun to watch Michigan lose. Cheers!!

Lady Jane Scarlett said...

Quack you Sparky. :P