Friday, September 14, 2007

It was a speech alright

More of the same, this is good for everyone nonsense from the White House last night. Amazingly, it is also along the exact same lines of what General Petraeus said, though of course it would be, since Dubya swore he would listen to his commanders on the field. Now, if his commanders on the field are saying just what he wants to hear, of course he will listen to it.

Only at two times did I feel the real urge to throw my drink at the TV set, though I do not like wasting Vodka. One was early on in the speech when W called Iraq an ally. Great Britain, France, hell almost all of Europe, they are allies. Canada, Mexico, sure I would consider them allies to the United States. Iraq is a much of an ally to our nation as South Africa and Barbados are. And at least with those to countries, there exports are so much more useful then whatever Iraq gives us in oil. No doubt in my mind that Dubya wanted to call them our friends, but since they seem to be shooting at us while they shoot at themselves, thats not so friendly. But, please don't insult my intelligence.

The other moment was at the end, with the blatant cherry picking of the emails from the dead soldiers family. Nice little touch by his speech writers to try and tug at our heartstrings a little bit. And I am sure that the email W received really said that they believed in the struggle and the sacrifice that there son made, but what about the other emails he receives from parents and loved ones of soldiers lost in this war who do not agree with W's stance. They don't count as much. Nice.

The Democratic response was as forgettable as I figured it would be, delivered by Senator Reed of RI, who by the way does not sound like he is from Rhode Island. Make an effort to try and change things on this side, Congressman and Congresswoman, don't just talk about it. I know you are all between a rock and a hard place presently (No Sen Craig, Rep Jefferson or Sen. Vitter comments please) but didn't your mother teach you folks that action speaks louder then words?

Finally, what the heck was that thing Senator Edwards did yesterday? Besides probably being a big old waste of money.


FRIGGA said...

I stopped at the point you called Mexico our ally.

Try living around here - THEY ARE OUR GREATEST THREAT!!

Mexico's Government is seeking to abuse the average American tax payer every chance they get, I see it every day. Ever wonder why health care costs are so high?

How about why California's Public Schools are given high amount of funds and produce extremely low resutls?

How about your auto insurance? Wonder why that costs so much? Because it does here because of THE MEXICAN GOVERNMENT!!!

Okay okay, I'll stop before I get fired up - this topic really angers me and effects me personally every day.

Sparky Duck said...

Frigga-While immigration seems to be a mess all over this country, with illegals sapping funds from everyone, Mexico the country would still be an ally in the fact that they are not shooting at us every day. Thats all I meant.

EC said...

Bleh - I was more than underwhelmed by the whole thing... and no... Senator Reed is no more from RI then I am from the south :)

EC said...

Actually I stand corrected... the dingbat is actually from RI - he was born and raised in Craaaaaaanston... huh, never would have guessed it!