Thursday, November 08, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #56-A Philly Followup One

Thirteen Things about The Cassidy Story

Again, it was synergy, after last weeks post, I should give a follow up on the murder of Officer Charles Cassidy, since everything wrapped up in the last week.

1. John Jordan Lewis was arrested over the weekend in Miami, Florida.

2.No he is not one of those crazy middle name people, apparently Mr Lewis just liked the name Jordan as opposed to John.

3.In his cousins house, the revolver of Officer Cassidy, plus another weapon was found during a search.

4.A observant Greyhound bus driver spotted Lewis, remembered his face and also remembered where he was going, which lead to his arrest.

5.In a note of irony, John Timoney, the most beloved police commissioner Philadelphia may have ever had, is the police chief in Miami and got to announce the accused murderers arrest.

6.Officer Cassidy was laid to rest today.

7.1,500 people attended the funeral at the Bassilica Cathedral of Peter and Paul, hundreds more watched the ceremony outside on closed circuit TV

8.Officers from at least 3 states attended.

9.Cassidy's funeral procession wound its way through areas that he patroled and also the neighborhoods that he grew up in and lived in all his life.

10.Officers on duty from the 35th District saluted there fallen comrade outside there Police station.

11.Students from his catholic high school stood outside as the procession pasted there school. Officer Cassidy was then laid to rest at the Holy Sepulchre Cemetary in Cheltenham.

12.As that was going on, Lewis refused to fight extradiction from Florida, confessed to killing the officer on TV news cameras and apologized to the family, a bit too late.

13.This is the best video I could find on Youtube, though I must admit, there was not enough bagpipes featured for my taste. Though honestly, it still made me cry.

14.A memorial fund has been established for the family, including Officer Cassidy's 3 college age children.

Mail a check payable to:
The Charles Cassidy Family Memorial Trust Fund
901 Arch Street
Philadelphia, PA 19107

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Matt-Man said...

Any amount of bagpipe music makes me cry, but then again so does the sound of a good polka band. Cheers!!

amy said...

Thanks for posting. IM sure the story is not over. How tragic! I agree there is something about bagpipes that make me tear up

Carrie Lofty said...

What an awesome bus driver. Good for him.

Darla said...

Thanks for the update. What a tragedy!

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

That bus driver deserves some sort of huge award and accolade for going above and beyond. He saved the day.

Thanks for the update, Sparky.

Believer in Balance said...

That's so awful.

Desert Songbird said...


I hate cop funerals.

Those and soldier funerals.

How can one fail to weep at these?

julia said...

'A observant Greyhound bus driver spotted Lewis, remembered his face and also remembered where he was going, which lead to his arrest.'

Thank God for him! Thanks for these two TT's, Sparky. Very moving.

Denise Patrick said...

A sad TT today, but I'm so glad they caught the shooter.

Happy TT!

FRIGGA said...

It's a relief to know they caught the murderer - thank you for the follow up (but will you also post once he goes to trial and gets sentenced?)

Lisa Andel said...

Bittersweet. Thanks for the follow-up TT Sparky.

Bond said...

Such a sad vision...all the blue lined up....
He confessed? Can't we just put a bullet in his head and save all the money a trial and his incarceration would cost?

Hey, your spot on The Couch has almost rebounded to its original shape... you gotta sit down there soon!

The Gal Herself said...

Thanks for keeping the Officer Cassidy's name alive. I always hate when it's referred to as "the OJ Simpson trial" or "the Phil Spector trial." We should never forget the victims who can't speak for themselves.

Michael - Lover of Amy said...

Fine work Mr. Duck, both last week and today. I see this and I wonder how my life would be different if I was able to fulfill my dream of serving as a police officer. I know my wife is happy that I did not, so she can worry less about things like this.

There is no greater gift that a man can give than to be willing to give up his own life so that another might live.