Thursday, July 05, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #42-the Firsts One

Thirteen First TT Memes

I found it utterly impossible to pick thirteen of my favorite Thursday Thirteen memes, because there are so many great ones out there and so many that I read. So, using my blogroll at first and then moving onward, I am listing Thirteen Thursday Thirteen's that were the bloggers first attempt at it. Get it? I am not even sure I do.

1.The Desert Songbird introduced the world to her.

2. Captain Poopy
told us all about why he was no longer a preemie. And adorable

3.Peg told us 13
things about herself we didnt know. Trust me, some of them are doozies.

4.Buttercup did a fantastic job of making her sister Bean sound terrific. I wonder if the Bean was considering a run for office.

5.Carmen pulled a Mary Poppins and gave us 13 of her favorite things.

6.Toni K's over at Air Force Wife was easy to find, plus it made sense, talking about loving being an Air Force Wife. Oh and she's holding a contest too.

7.S.H.G. got
all into some dirty laundry on Shapeshifter, namely some really awful halloween costumes.

8.Tinkerbell always has some great lists, peruse through them sometime. I will get you started with her first.

9.Ok, I am not sure if this is her first, but One Gal at One Gals Musings is always opinionated, even when it comes to movies!

10.Cheaty Monkey told us all about 13 Concerts shes been to way back when. Trust me, ignore the Sha Na Na, Cheaty Monkey is really cool.

11.Hopping into Starrlights Way Way back machine, we find out she cant whistle, but she found 13 other people who can.

12.In what is a scary coincidence, Dane Bramage did his first a year from tomorrow, so of course I have to mention it.

13. And, I could not leave out the first taste of Sparky that the Thursday Thirteen got, now could I? Man it was terrible.

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Starrlight said...

Why thank you for the shout out Sparky! My way back time machine eh :P

How was the 4th for you?

Tink said...

Great idea for a slightly different celebration TT! Thanks for including me.
This week my list is about handfasting.

amy said...

Neat list! My goal is to have really cool thursday 13s so I can be on your next list..Woohoo!

Christine d'Abo said...

Great list. Some of these I've been to a lot, but there are some new ones listed. I'm off to check them out now.

Chelle Y. said...

Wow, you did a lot of research. I was too lazy to go into that much detail! Good job!

Dana said...

Thanks for the info! I'm off to check out the ones I haven't already seen.

Jay said...

I don't think I got the hang of that until half way through!

Anna J. Evans said...

I'm going to have to check out some of these. I love discovering new blogs. I'm an Air Force wife, so I think I'll go there first :)

Anna J. Evans

FRIGGA said...

That's a good way of doing it! Okay, I'm off to go check them all out! Happy TT13!

Anonymous said...

Another great list of TTs! I need to check out the ones I missed. :)

Happy TT, and thanks for visiting mine!

Rhian / Crowwoman said...

my first one was b=o=r=i=n=g. i'll have to see how others did when they first started doing this. nifty idea Sparks. kudos to you.

Haley-O said...

Hey, what's wrong with the Sha Na Na!? ;)

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Aww, Sparky! You've been giving me a lot of link love lately; is it my forgiveness for living on the cool side of the state? *grin*

Seriously. Your first TT wasn't that terrible. It was tentative; like you hadn't found your stride yet. And that's fine. You're a fine wine, darling. Improving with age and experience until you're invaluable.

Happy TT and thanks again for the linkie love!

Lisa Andel said...

I just love new links. New places to explore. Thanks Sparky.

Bernadette Gardner and Jennifer Colgan said...

This is a great list, Sparky!

The Gal Herself said...

To be labeled an opinion blogger by Sparky Duck is like being called a good pitcher by Greg Maddux, and so I take it as a compliment. Thank you. I had never read your virgin outing before. You watch golf on TV? I never woulda guessed.

Desert Songbird said...

Well, this explains why I got a hit on a TT I made waaaaaaaaay back in November - I don't even do TT anymore!

spyscribbler said...

Awww, #13 wasn't so terrible! I was so confused on my first TT, I had no idea what to do! I'm loving this theme this week; so many posts to explore!

Happy TT!

Toni said...

Great post! Happy T13!

Air Force Wife
Special K Family
Check out my contest!

Christine said...

I couldn't help but read your first attempt at a TT, and I didn't think it was bad!!

You made my list!!

Happy TT!

Jenny McB said...

Yea, I think going to New York for a weekend sounds more exciting. I checked a few on your list that I hadn't seen before, thanks for sharing.

Neila said...

What a great idea for a TT! I need to go check some of those out! I didn't know Desert Songbird used to do a TT!

Christie O. said...

awww! thanks for the shout out! i'm just now getting back to blog after the holiday-- but happy tt and happy 4th! hope you had a good one!!!