Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Winner, Winner Chicken Dinner

Ok, so its not a Chicken Dinner, its a $10 gift card, but indeed we did have a winner in Sparky's Match Game contest. While I was a tad disappointed in the turnout, I can understand how many people would not know what a Blue Hen looked like. The only bad point? All of the answers besides the bonus question were in the Thursday Thirteen! But I digress.

First, our Winner...

Congratulations to Desert Songbird!!!

I was highly inpressed by her answers. I mean, really really impressed. She even got Pepperdine for Christ Sake! Desert, drop me an email to let me know which of the two prizes you want and how you would like to receive it.

Special mention to K.P. I dont know what blog you were at, but he or she (see not giving away identities) did get 4 answers right. But, if you are looking for the Brevard Blue Ducks, take a peek at my profile picture. And thats why I am giving you special recognition, since I hadn't even heard of the Blue Ducks until 2 years ago.

Kailani and Christine, I knew you two would get one of them, the task however was to get the rest of them. :) Rhian, yes you could have got your husband to help, but since you sent pictures, you are forgiven.

There will be another contest coming up this weekend, alot easier and books are the prize!

Now for the answers, straight from the winners email. She got all 10 questions right!! Though I will say, I dont agree on your assement of Dick Vitale.

1.University of Delaware Blue Hens (founded 1743, located in Newark, DE)
2.University of Vermont Catamounts (founded/chartered in 1791, located in Burlington, VT)
3.University of Hawaii (at Manoa) Rainbow Warriors (the flagship campus, founded 1907, located in the Manoa valley on the island of O'ahu)
4.King Neptune, the retired mascot of Pepperdine University Waves (founded in 1937, located in Malibu, CA. Pepperdine attempted to replace King Neptune with The Wave Men, but as of now Pepperdine remains as the only Division I school without a mascot.
5.University of Oregon Ducks (founded in 1876, located in Eugene, OR)
6.U.S. Air Force Academy Falcons (founded in 1954, located 14 miles north of Colorado Springs, CO)
BUT it also looks like similar to the mascot for the University of Maryland Eastern Shore Hawks (founded in 1886, located in Princess Anne, MD) I didn't even know that about UMES

7.University of Texas at San Antonio Roadrunners (founded in 1969, located in San Antonio, TX (duh!); mascot’s name is “Rowdy the Roadrunner”)
8.University of South Carolina Gamecocks (founded in 1805, located in Columbia, SC)
9.Arizona State University Sun Devils (GO DEVILS!), (founded in 1885 as a teachers’ college, became Normal School of Arizona in 1901, became known as Arizona State University in 1958. Main campus located in Tempe with satellite campuses in Mesa, downtown Phoenix, and West Phoenix/Glendale). Mascot’s name is Sparky; colors are maroon and gold, but REAL Devils wear GOLD. Real Devils do wear gold. And still the greatest entrance into a football stadium ever!

Bonus Question: Dick Vitale (“Dickie V” or “Dukie V” for his affinity for Duke University) – “It’s awesome, baby!”

Congrats again, and look out this Friday for the next contest!!!


Christine said...

YAY for Desert! I don't live 5 minutes from the Mesa satellite campus and the Tempe campus isn't that far away from me either, maybe 15min. OK, I showed you my San Diego WAP pics, now it's your turn! :)

Twyla said...

Sorry I didn't even try...but I knew I had NO chance. I'm totally clueless... at least when it comes to this sort of thing. LOL

Desert Songbird said...

[[blushing]] Aw shucks, 'twern't nuthin'...

It was fun! Thanks, Sparky!

Oh, and that's not my personal assessment of Dickie V - that's what's said about him, and you know how much he loves to utter, "It's awesome, baby!"

Alicia said...

Fun! I love contests. I'm no good at them...but I try atleast.


Tug said...

:-( Story of my life...I know a Big O & get NOTHING.

hee hee hee.......................

Anonymous said...

"Pepperdine remains as the only Division I school without a mascot"

Actually Pepperdine does have a mascot - Willie the Wave.

kailani said...

Yay for Desert Songbird! I knew she would win. She's a sports maniac!