Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Tuesday was Blog for EC Day

EC is of course, emergency contraception. And while I am not the most knowledgeable about this thing, since I have always figured it was a woman thing, I figured I would repost this post from January 27, 2007. Its a guest post by Mrs Duck, and while it is not Emergency Contraceptive, its contraception and gynecologists, so it will have to do.

Thanks Pam for letting me know.

So today I had quite the fiasco with my gynocologist office. Here is the story... Yesterday, I called the gyno office to schedule my yearly check-up. They scheduled me for the middle of February. Now I take Birth Control pills and I need a refill to get me by till my yearly check-up. This would require ONE refill. They tell me that they cannot refill my perscription until I am seen by a doctor. So that leaves me without my pills for a one month cycle, which as you can guess just annoys me, I am on birth control because I DO NOT WANT (at this time in my life) an unplanned pregnancy. Now let me tell you that I have been a patient here for the last 5 to 6 years. I am not a new patient! They also told me that I am required to come in for a check-up every 4 months. I only ever had a yearly check-up, my health insurance only pays for one visit per year. They have always perscribed me Birth Control pills for 12 months. So of course I tell the person on the phone who is feeding me this crap that this is not true. I asked when my last appt was (January 23, 2006) it is January 23, 2007 which leaves me at ONE YEAR. She refuses to refill my perscription, even though she has now started to stumble over her theory that I am required to be in the office every 4 months. I asked to speak to the doctor, she tells me that the doctor will need to call me back. I said fine and I also said to her that not being on my pills for one month was unacceptable to me, I do not want to interrupt my schedule. It took me months to get adjusted to the BC pills in the past. She says that she will have to doctor call me -- Of course that never happened! I was so mad they act like I am an addict. They are birth control pills for goodness sakes and I have been a patient for over 5 years. I have never been a no show on appointments. I have always abided by there rules.

You gals that are on birth control pills know that it is not something that you just stop and start at your own whim. This is really going to mess me up, not to mention my husband is not going to touch me for the next couple of months. So of course I ask the girls in the office how many times they go to the gyno, everyone of them said ONCE A YEAR. I only asked, because now I am thinking that I am crazy, they all assured me that I was not crazy and that they were just being awful! I have decided that I am going to change Doctors, I mean I could just see it now ... Years from now, my water breaks and they tell me sorry you cannot be admitted into the hospital, because (I cannot even think of a reason this is just so absurd) I am so frustrated by this situation! The answer from the gyno office is just NO and that to me was just absolutely the most unacceptable answer, I hung up the phone and just sat there and thought to myself that I cannot believe this. THEY ARE BIRTH CONTROL PILLS, not Oxycodin.


Desert Songbird said...

The only reason to see an OB/GYN more than once a year would be because you're ill or you have a problem or you're pregnant. For normal check ups, once a year is the standard; that's all that is recommended, and that's all insurance will pay!

Stupid gatekeepers at doctors' offices. I deal with them constantly, and some of them are dumber than a box of rocks.

Pam said...

That is INSANE!!

Did she get her pills? There's always Planned Parenthood as an alternative place to get them.

Lady Jane Scarlett said...

Amen Desert Songbird!
I'm all for the IUD, no hormones, no nutty receptionist etc..

Claire said...

Doctors receptionists are the spawn of the devil. They have convinced themselves that they went to medical school.