Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Brain Dump

Alot of things in my head, but things that would never work out to be a full post. So, I jam it all together into the Blog Relish. :)

1.Why does it seem laundry never ends? Well it ends for me because I don't get to it everyday, but you get the drift...

2.If March is supposed to come in like a Lion and go out like a Lamb, or vice versa, what is an ice storm in the middle of the month, a rabid Wolverine?

3.Mrs Duck was watching Designers Challenge while I was cooking dinner. I couldn't totally hear the TV, but I was able to see the architecture, which struck me as very southern Mansion like. Here is the conversation upon my return to the living room.

Me-"So where is the show in this episode, Georgia?"
Mrs Duck-"No, I think its Atlanta"
I had to leave before I got in trouble

4. Stupid things heard on Cable News:
while talking to a criminologist about the street gang called Public Enemy No.1, who is allied with a bunch of prison white supremacist groups. "Why are they so dangerous Brian?" Hmm, maybe the fact that they are a street gang allied with prison white supremacist groups???

5.Imagine if she was sitting on the womans purse!


Tug said...

Brain dump relish, huh? FUN.

That biting thing? ewwwwww. I need mouthwash after just READING it!

Jay said...

I totally sympathize with the Mrs - I only just realized that Colorado is not where I thought it was...Jason asked me where I thought it was, and I imagined it right under Seattle.

Haley-O said...

Ahhh...A man who does the laundry and cooks dinner. Can I have my hubby call you? ;)

crowwoman / rhian said...

Atlanta is essentially another country according to the rest of the deep south. ["Yeah, Jo-Bob went way up thar to 'Lanter."]

And being a former resident of Atlanta, i'd have to say Atlantans would eagerly agree.

Annie said...

Actually, the Rabid Wolverine is WWE Wrestler Chris Benoit, and I can tell you this, I would not complain if he blew my way mid-March.....