Sunday, September 07, 2008

Sunday Mish Mosh

Its Sunday, which means the brain is all over the place. Which of course is great news for you, my lovely readers.

1.We are used to the teams from out in the Pacific Time Zone being the BCS Busters in college football. After watching what East Carolina did to West Virginia yesterday and what they did to the Hokies of Va Tech last week, they could be this years buster.

2.Joe Biden did adequate at best today on Meet The Press. It was almost like he was not awake until 11 am. Not the best start, though at least he was in front of the press as opposed to some other candidates.

3.As I type, Jake Delhomme hits some dude named Rosario to get a Carolina win. The games today were dull, but they finished well!

4.I grabbed the meatloaf from the oven last night and now it seems that I may have an alien growing out of my thumb. Or its a high 1st degree burn. Though alien sounds sexier.

5.Speaking of sexy...Google Haley Bang


Anthony said...

can't say I agree with you on the "finished well" part. Fox gave us bonus coverage of the debacle in San Diego. I made a special point of running in to watch the final 2 minutes only to see that crap.

A bad way for my Chargers to start after a boring Eagles game (boring in a good way) and Phils victory. The first of two, I'm hoping.

Bond said...

The last second SD loss dropped 24 out of the Survivor Pool I am in...another 15 bit the dust with the Indy slide against Chicago...

My two teams won (Philly / Dallas) and the third plays tonight (Denver)

Bond said...

Oh and she just looks like jail bait

Sparky Duck said...