Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Blue Ducks Win!

Yes, ladies and gentleman, it is Fantasy Football! And yes, I won my first game out this week, thanks partly to the fact that Drew Brees and Reggie Bush decided to blow up points wise, but also because Tom Brady had a figurative arrow jammed in his knee. And really, a win is a win and I will take it.

The funniest thing is that this weeks opponent has Matt Leinart as his backup. Coincidentally, Leinhart is also the back up for the Arizona Cardinals. That is synergy and perhaps a second win for ole Sparky.

And of course, when I mention football, its time for a egregious Cheerleader picture. Courtesy of the Seattle Seagals


Anthony said...

Since you have ex-Charger Brees on your squad I can root for you in spirit, at least.

However, I do request that you post a photo of a Charger Girl - preferably Constance.