Thursday, September 11, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #66-Things that get me through 9/11

Yes, today is not exactly a chipper day. And while the whole country seems to attack the northeast US for its liberalism, we have also lived some "fun". I was in Central Jersey, watching it all as jet fighters screamed over my house. So pardon me if I am cranky.














Yes, I am cranky


bernieg1 said...

Well I think this will make you even cranckier. BUT....none of the videos would play for me. I came back twice and still nothing.

My TT is up here.

colleen said...

You guessed it on the Red Sox. The videos aren't working for me either. I wondered if it was some reverse psychology.

Sparky said...

all that work and its giving me crap too

Meju said...

I had trouble with a couple of videos too, but am crying over the ones that worked...

Nicole Austin said...

I hope everyone takes time out of their day to remember!

Tilly Greene said...

My solution to make through today with my sanity intact is to stay away from t.v.

It's all right to be cranky Sparky.

Sarah said...

I can't see your #13 pictures, but it is a day I will never forget. What a horrible, and awful attack on our country! I still remember that morning very vividly!

It is alright to be cranky! We should be, and that is why I think we need to KEEP FIGHTING!
I have my TT up to here

Clara said...

I had no trouble watching your videos. What a moving tribute to the ones we lost. I, too, was in tears.

The Gal Herself said...

Today is a rotten day for us all. I make myself feel less helpless by observing the anniversary with a contribution to Windows of Hope. It's an extraordinarily well run charity that continues to help the families of the underpaid, underinsured and very likely illegal restaurant workers who lost their lives in Windows on the World.

Amy Ruttan said...

Sorry you're cranky. It is a day of horrible memories.

Bond said...

If you check out my post for the 11th you will see we were in the same place...I explained it all today...and I can't even see the videos at work.