Saturday, September 06, 2008

Hanna and her droplets

Yes, TS Hanna has rained down on the I-95 corridor today. And while we have only have a few hiccups power wise, it has still been a rainy yucky day. I said during the week that I was looking forward to a down day. At abou 3pm, I was cursing down days!

This also was not a day to bet with Sparky Duck. While I just missed hitting 2 exactas because I was cheap, almost every team I rooted for in College football managed to find a way to lose, the most appalling was Washington vs BYU, but I will kevetch about that at another time. In the end, it was not the day to bankroll Sparky.

I did love how MSG Plus said on there little scoreboard screen below the game, said that Texas Tech was losing to Nevada 42 to 17. Nevermind that is is 8:30 now and the game is just kicking off.


Desert Songbird said...

It was touch and go with our college teams today, but hubby's Bucks and my Irish found ways to win. Don't know how, but they did.