Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Dead Or Alive Extreme 2-Xbox 360 Review

When, I was little, I would play arcade games that made little to no sense. Really, who is Pac-Man and why would I want him to be eating up ghosts. And Galactica? Please, there is no way I am a space pilot.

But, as I got older, the games also matured and while Donkey Kong was all about animal conservation and at least in Zelda, I was attempting to save a princess and a kingdom. And now adays we play games that have high minded goals like defeating terrorists in Las Vegas or getting Northwestern back to the Rose Bowl.

There are still games that make no sense though and that is what I have found in Dead or Alive Extreme 2. Visually stunning, it has no real goal in mind. Obstensibly, its about a resort where scantily clad pixelated women play party games and interact with each other to try and find and keep the correct volleyball partner. But in the end it is just an excuse to see chicks naked.

Gameplay was fairly simple to figure out, it was a game that you could pretty much just pick up and with a little bit of practice, get the hang of, but even after 2 hours of playing, I could not ascertain what the real point was. I guess to get my character that i controlled and then other characters as close to naked as possible.

I can see who the game was angled towards, hormonal young men, except for the fact that the game is rated M for Mature, which means it should be harder for the girlfriendless types to get and by the time you are 18, you should be able to find other ways of stimulating your mind.

Overall, I would say pass, and just try to figure out Rainbow 6 Vegas a little bit more. Now thats a game that needs practice.


Starrlight said...

I could never get into video arcade games or console games. Now a persistent game, that was another story. I miss my elf =(

Bond said...

An excuse to see pixilated chicks naked....

ummmmm isn't that what the room behind the curtain in the video store is for?