Thursday, June 26, 2008

Sparky gets word from Patrick Murphy

I have given my fair share to Presidential politics this past year, giving my small little amounts to both John Edwards and Barack Obama, hoping that I backed the right horse when it comes to the Presidency.

Now, though, I will be throwing my small measly weekly change into the local political ring, since I got a nice little message from Rep Patrick Murphy. It was not a personalized message or anything, there was no mention of my wedding anniversary or me helping out in a different office. So its obvious that the Murphy people do not read this blog. However, I will not let that deter me from sharing with my faithful readers.

Dear Supporter,

Over Memorial Day weekend, the right-wing, pro-war group Freedom's Watch blanketed my district with phone calls questioning my commitment to the welfare of American soldiers.

The call was insulting and inaccurate, but sadly, not surprising.

This type of baseless attack is typical of groups like Freedom's Watch, since they have unlimited funding and answer to no one. Using lies to viciously smear public servants is the sole reason these groups exist – they do the dirty work for the same old, status quo style of Washington politics that I am trying to change.

It's a simple formula that has worked before. In 2004, outside groups spent millions of dollars "swift boating" and broadcasting lies about John Kerry. With lots of money and a fabricated message, they distorted the service of a decorated war veteran. Now it looks like they're going to try the same dirty tricks in my district and they're starting early.

That's why I'm writing you today. I want to send these groups a message but I need your help. When candidates across the country file their financial reports on June 30, these fringe groups will use the fundraising numbers to identify those they view as "vulnerable" and decide where and how to empty their war chest. Using the same old underhanded tactics, they will descend on these districts to vilify anyone who stands up to President Bush and fights for change.

If we make a strong showing on June 30, we can send a clear message to those groups: stay out. If we can post a large enough number, we might just convince those on the far-right to take their millions elsewhere. Please, join me today and let these folks know you're not going to stand for their divisive and damaging political games.

Thank you for your continued support,

Patrick J. Murphy

Now while there was plenty of mention of contributing to the Murphy campaign, I will spare you of such. Though I am ranking very high, I am called Dear Supporter.


Starrlight said...

It all comes down to the "gimme some money" line in the end, don't it?

Bond said...

If you don't send cash, the next one will be addressed to "Dear Tight-wad"