Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #64-The Vacation Contest One

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As Mrs Duck and I prepare to go on a well needed vacation, I figured to keep blog traffic at least a little bit up, I would run a contest.

So, I am going to give you 13 questions, each correct answer will count for one entry in the contest. Almost all of the questions will be answerable if you just search the blog, though at least 3 of the questions will take some knowledge of Sparky and Mrs Duck.

Oh yea, prizes. The winner of the contest will get a $20 gift card of there choice and also a souvenir from vacation, which will have a retail value of at least $5. If there is a tie on correct answers, the winner will be drawn from a blind draft. The contest runs from 11:00 pm Wednesday, April 16th until noon Wednesday April 23.

Now on to the fun part.

1.Who did Sparky vote for in the Presidential election of 2004?

2.My parents have lived in 4 different states since they retired, name one of them?

3.Mrs Duck and I saw a concert in Atlantic City, what female singer was the headliner?

4.We have 2 cats, name one of them?

5.On our honeymoon in 2006, we visited 3 states. Besides Hawaii, name one of the states we visited?

6.Our hotel in Honolulu was a certain color, what color was it?

7.I have worked for a few places in my professional career. One company had many names although I worked in the same building. Name one of the companies that I worked for?

8.Where are we on vacation right now?

9.Who did I want to win the 2008 NCAA Basketball Championship?

10.I have posted a few recipes on this blog, name one?

11.Something happened to my car in 2007. What happened to it and what kind of car was it?

12.Name one music video I have posted on this blog.

13.What is the name of the Philly Transplant sister blog?

Simple isnt it? Plus, anyone that links this post with there own post about it gets an extra entry.


Dane Bramage said...

An open book quiz! Or at least an open search engine quiz. I'll have to come back when it's not so close to midnight after a day of work and church. My Thursday Thirteen #76 is up. 13 Things about me that start with J.

Desert Songbird said...

I'm assuming you want us to e-mail the answers so as not to give other "comment-ers" an unfair advantage, yes?

Sparky Duck said...

The choice is yours, either in the comments here, since I wont be answering ot what is correct. or email to

Hootin' Anni said...

Good luck to those who enter your contest!!!

And enjoy your vacation.

My 13 movie stills is shared for T-13 this week. Come by if you can.

Starrlight said...

Damn that is a lot of work Mr. Duck! You are better than I am, I drop the ball on blog content frequently =(