Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Gadzooks its Hillary

Last Friday, Senator Hillary Clinton appeared on the top local morning show in Philadelphia, the Preston and Steve Show. Its sort of a mix between Howard Stern and the other array of wacky morning DJ nonsense, except sometimes I do actually find them to be quite hilarious.

The interview was one of those typical puff pieces. Alot of softball questions, one of those interviews that has a political consultant on the edge of there seat with worry especially if you are consulting for the candidate being interviewed. I found only a few cringe worthy moments though.

1.I found it kind of disrespectful that before each question with the Senator, they would say "Hey Hillary, what do you think about this" "Hi Hillary welcome to the show." For petes sakes fellas, you are not interviewing Hillary Duff, lets try Senator, or Mrs Clinton or something like that.

2.They actually got the Hill to say one of there wacky catch phrases at the end. "Hi, this is Senator Hillary Clinton on Preston and Steve and you guys rock." Next, I think she may be slinging cheesesteaks down on South Street to try and show how every woman she is. Or at least how desperate she is to look that way.

3.I guess the djs were getting some emails and messages from the Hills opponents, wondering why she got the air time. And one of the DJs said, oh we will love to get all of them on. Like he was being magnanimous or gracious. Um, its called the shared air time law, so if Obama or McCain called and asked for a 10 minute interview, you kind have to give it, whether you want to or not.

But, at least the Senator did not have a "show us your boobs moment"


Jay said...

Thank goodness for small miracles. :)

Hyperion said...

I've been upset about the frequent "Hey Hillary" speech too. Regardless of my feelings on her, she is a United States Senator. I felt it was demeaning to her and to women.


Several of my readers have pointed out to me that is is actually Hillary Clinton herself, and her campaign, who pushes for the nomenclature. They wanted her to seem more "accessible," friendly, down to earth, one of the "folks." (Also, unproven, though deeply suspected by me, she wanted to get away from the Clinton name as much as possible and run as her own women. Strong rumor had it that she would have dropped the "Clinton" ages ago had there been any hope of being elected otherwise.)

So there you go.

Starrlight said...

This election is draaggging. There is just too long between the Feb primaries and the May ones. Gives the candidates too much time to do stupid things.

Bond said...

Didn't we elect a new President yet? this campaigning has been going on for like 5 years now...

and thank goodness they did not ask - she might have done it - ya know to show she is just a real cool woman.

The Gal Herself said...

It would be scarier if McCain had the "show us your boobs" moment.

Julia Smith said...

I'm with Bond. After a president is elected, there's about two weeks when no one's campaigning - then it all starts over again.