Wednesday, April 09, 2008

A new miserable experience

Miserable in the sense that it was just one of those things that you dread doing, though you just know deep down it is something that you have to do.

The wife, Inlaws and I took a short little trip last night, to go to a wake for the father of a childhood friend of Mrs Duck. Now, I just do not do well at wakes and funerals, I seem to just sneak even deeper into myself. But this one was for a former police officer and the turn out was just so overwhelming, that I probably was overwhelmed.

The line up of the Philadelphia police cars down the middle of the street in front of the funeral home. The honor guard keeping watch over the casket, supplied by a suburban force that one of the sons worked for. All the old timers in the line that had to be a block and a half long, exchanging stories. A future politician, who right now is only a district attorney, but who I guarantee will be running for Congress 10 years from now, just showing up. It is just something this surburbanite duck was not used to seeing. Not that it was bad, the pomp and circumstance is also somewhat comforting.

Mrs Duck is off to the funeral this morning and I am sure the full regalia will be out today as well. But it is good to know that if you put your life to some sort of job or career, there are times that someone remembers, even if you have been retired for 15 years.


Anndi said...

Funerals and wake are a difficult experience. But I imagine it was comforting for the family that his dedication to a most wonderful profession is being honoured.

My condolences to the family and hugs for Mrs Duck.

Desert Songbird said...

Funerals are difficult, but for some reason, a cop's funeral is even more so. Nice that he was still treated with the dignity and respect that a cop deserves.