Monday, April 07, 2008

Its Poetry But Not

I really do not care who wins tonight, though I am pulling more for Memphis because I like John Calipari.
But, a tradition on the NCAA Tournament coverage is the "One Shining Moment" montage. It is the one time you can cry at a Luther Vandross song when you are not at a funeral. Though, personally, I like the Teddy Pendergrass version.

And now, here are 5


Starrlight said...

I don't know basketball but for Bond I am hoping for Memphis.

Bond said...

Thanks Starrlight...though I dropped from first to fourth (out of the money) on that last 2 minute breakdown Memphis had...

Anthony said...

I would have liked it if the game had started at, say 8:15 instead of 9:20. Maybe then, when I conked out at 11:30 I would have seen the end.
As it was, I missed the good parts.

Thanks CBS.

Hyperion said...

My problem with Calipari is that he tends to be a "make excuses" guy about losses, which often leads to "throw his players under the bus" mentality, like his idol Rick Pitino. I'm not hating, but it's a factor.

Totally with you on One Shining Moment, though.

Weird caveat. ESPN Classic ran the game last night, and I guess they don't have proprietary rights to the OSM song, so the same exact footage ran with some techno house song. It was surreal.

bleeding espresso said...

I *love* One Shining Moment; a long time ago on my blog I listed it as one of the seven songs I would choose if I could only listen to seven songs for the rest of my life. The 1992 rendition is my favorite :)